Mistress Michelle and the Scat Gag P3

Now the toilet slave has to prove swallowing. Mistress Michelle has crapped him in his mouth. While Mistress Michelle can be massaged by the slaves their feet, the slave keeps trying to swallow something. But only part of the shit he can swallow. After a while he may then spit the rest into the toilet, but it must then eat out from there. So he sticks his head deep into the toilet bowl. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Mistress Michelle and the Scat Gag P3 movie

A Week of Shit ? Bouncy Balls, Anal Beads, and Fisting!

After saving a entire weeks worth of poop and after smearing it all over my voluptuous body, I am ready to get really dirty! I start by showing you my pretty brightly colored bouncy balls! I love playing with balls! I smear them in a bit of wet shit and then I start to shove them up my dirty asshole! I have a little trouble getting the last two in but I give them a nice hard push and they pop right in! I have a hungry asshole! It loves to swallow toys and cock! After I get all the balls up in my ass, it?s time to poop them out! I push hard as one flies out of my ass! It bounces in the tub! How fun!!! I push the next two out and they bounce in the tub as well. But the last two I am having trouble with! I push hard but all that comes out is poop! At last, they pop out and bounce in the tub! Now it?s time to play with anal beads! Luckily they are all attached and I won?t loose any of these! I fuck my filthy ass with the anal beads and smear shit all over my ass! I love anal beads! They come out covered in poop! Yum! My last toy is the best! It?s a giant black fist! I am going to fist my filthy shit covered pussy with a fist! I try my best to get it in my pussy but the shit is making the fist so slippery! I can?t get it in! I need help this giant fist into my slimy shitty pussy! I turn the fist around and fuck myself with the handle! Mmm! That feels good! Watch as I fuck my shitty hole with this giant naughty toy! I hope you enjoy all my fun! Download A Week of Shit ? Bouncy Balls, Anal Beads, and Fisting! movie

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