Enema For Toilet Slave GoPro

Oh toilet slave? Do you want to taste something amazing? Something so delicious? Something straight from my big, beautiful ass!? I am going to fill my ass up with this huge bag of water! Then Im going to squirt out a massive load of disgusting, smelly brown water with chunks of my filth in it! I know how much you love to eat my shit! Do you want to drink my dirty enema water as well!? Its not like you have a choice in the matter! Get down on the floor, right under my ass! Im about to fill your belly with all this nasty brown water! You are going to drink it all up and you wont complain about the awful stench either! You love the taste of my ass! You love the taste of my shit! Now you are going to learn to love the taste of my enema water! Enjoy, toilet slave *This video is the same as Enema For Toilet Slave only its filmed with my GoPro so you get a nice wide angle view of my enema! Download Enema For Toilet Slave GoPro movie

Peeing in nude pantyhose and masturbation with vibrator

I bought a really cheap pair of nude pantyhose that are already ripped after the first time I worned them. I decided to be naughty while wearing them since Im probably gonna put these in the garbage anyway. Im going to pee in my pantyhose for the first time ever. Im sitting on a towel with my legs open. I start emptying my bladder. You can see the wet sport growing and growing! It is so warm and it feels so good! I rip my panties more to reveal my pussy and I rub my pussy a little. This have made me horny! I grab a vibrator and put it on my clit. I talk dirty about pee related things un til I have an orgasm. Download Peeing in nude pantyhose and masturbation with vibrator movie

Worthless slave smothered, showered with piss and shit!

Worthless piss of shit of a slave smothered and ordered to eat his Mistress pussy and ass then she showers him with her strong stream of piss! She again orders him to clean her pussy then she shitted on him and again ordering him to clean her ass. At the same time shes grinding her ass on his face smothering him and controlling his breath! Download Worthless slave smothered, showered with piss and shit! movie

Shit in the pants

Today, I shit in the pants. I so much wanted to shit, that do not even have time to sit on the toilet. Youll see how my sweet juicy sausages come out of my beautiful ass. Do you really like the taste of my fresh shit. And all this right on the shorts. You are excited and want to lick my dirty ass with shit. I always prepare for my toilet slave tasty treat out of my shit. My slave slut loves the taste of my shit. He eats only my shit. Its very fine, is not it? Download Shit in the pants movie

Extreme Anal Gaping!

My asshole is too tight! I want a huge gaped open hole! I love the way a stretched open hole looks! I want to be able to easily fit a whole fi*st right up my dirty asshole! Having a big, stretched out hole takes a lot of work! I have to practice stretching it! I practice stretching with my favorite toy! My inflatable butt plug! I push the toy deep into my asshole and I inflate it up as far as I can stand it! Then I push and push and grunt and moan as I bring the toy out of my asshole! This stretches my hole open so wide and leaves a beautiful gape! I think its the sexiest looking thing in the whole world! Three times I inflate the plug and push it out! Three times I stretch my hole! And each time the gape gets larger and larger! I love being able to see inside of my asshole! Its such an erotic sight! Dont you think!? Enjoy! Download Extreme Anal Gaping! movie

Femdom Piss Party 02

Princess Nikki invited her Princesses friends again to help her humilate a slave. Princess Crazy Coco came with a very shy girl from her school class. She teach her how to treat pice of sht man. Princess Nikki and Princess Lia have a lot of fun with the situation. All princesses humilate the slave beyond any limits. They spit at him let him lick the shoes, slap his face, let him lick the assholes.Princess Crazy Coco even allows him some almost sexual contact by giving him a taste of a blowjob!Dont miss it its hot and real, no script, just femdom party!-ass worship-pussy worship-shoe worship-foot worship-face slaping-spitting-human asthry-teasing-humilation-dirty talk-Princess Nikki-Princess Crazy Coco (new)-Princess Lia (new)-shy girl AND A LOT OF PISS DRINKING!!!! Download Femdom Piss Party 02 movie

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