Scat Cafe at your service! Part 2

Part 2 non HD – WE ARE OPEN!!! Come on in and check out our SCAT CAFe.. Here you will be well served with your desire, whatever it is you like, it can be solid, slimy, squishy or fruity shit? We have it all, come by anytime and our beautiful and young servers are waiting for you! We dont just serve shit, oh no… we also serve golden juice, freshly delivered from the urethra of our cute waitresses. Whether you deside to be serve on cutlery or directly into your hungry mouth is entirely up to you. Download Scat Cafe at your service! Part 2 movie

Extreme Public – Shit Covered Face!

After shitting in the woods I am so turned on! I still have about a half hour drive home. I decided that it would be so hot to smear shit all over my face and drive down the road! I cover my face in my fresh shit! It smells so good! There is a man playing with his dogs at the park where I stopped! He keeps looking at me! After my face is covered I start to drive! There are so many people looking at me! Its turning me on so much! I think about how hot it would be to walk down a busy street with shit all over my face! Do I dare? Watch this video to see if I do and if I get caught! Download Extreme Public – Shit Covered Face! movie

Shitting In My Sink! (GoPro)

I climb up onto my sink in my new bathroom. The sink is so deep and pretty. Its so clean and white! But not for long! I have a huge load of poop that Im ready to push out! Im going to shit in my brand new sink! I squat right over my sink and I start to push and push! Out comes a nice, moist load of poop! Mmm! This shit looks and smells so good! I wonder what it would be like to wash my hands with my fresh, stinky poop! My shit is in my sink where I wash my hands! I climb down from the sink and get ready to wash my hands with my poop! I pick up my shit and and start to rub it into my hands! My hands are going to smell like shit for so long! It feels so good washing my hands with my shit! I get my poo all over! I love the smell and the texture of my poop smearing all over my pretty little hands! Once they are completely covered I turn the water on and start to wash the shit off. I wash my hands with soap and water. They look clean but they still smell like poop! And Im sure they will smell of my shit all day! Enjoy! Download Shitting In My Sink! (GoPro) movie

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