Smother You With My Farting Ass!

Look at my big, juicy sexy ass! I have such a huge ass! And its very stinky too! I am always farting! I know you love my big, smelly ass! I am going to smother you! I will sit on your face and fart and fart! I want you to suffocate on my ass and farts! You will only breathe when I allow you! And you will suffer through the stench of the farts that keep coming out of my asshole! Smell my farts as I sit on your face! Enjoy! Download Smother You With My Farting Ass! movie

Poop Up My Nose! Part 1

Part 1: Shitting, Talking Dirty, And Stuffing Shit Up My Nose!!!! Ive got a huge moist load of shit that I am struggling to keep inside my butt. It wants to come out so bad! When it does, Im going to do something so nasty with my fresh, warm shit! Its going to blow your mind how dirty I love to get! I start by talking soft and sensual, telling you all the things Im about to do. Then its time to shit! I bend over right in front of the camera! Right in front of your face! I want you to see every little detail as I push out these huge soft turds! Oh wow! What a load! I sit down in my tub with my big load of poop! Its time to get dirty! Im going to stuff one turd up each of my nostrils! Oh its so dirty! All I can smell is shit! I feel so sexy with shit stuffed up my nose! My nostrils are completely stuffed! I close one nostril and blow hard. The turd comes flying out of my nose! I close the other nostril and blow hard again! Now the other turd flies out! Oh its nasty and fun! Now I can stuff two more turds up my nose! I love stuffing fresh warm poop in places it doesnt belong! Enjoy! Download Poop Up My Nose! Part 1 movie

Farting In My Pretty Panties!

I love to push out stinky farts! It is such a sexy, little relief every time I let a big stinker out of my butt! I love the smell of my pretty little butthole! And I love how wet and drippy my pussy gets when I have really bad gas! In this video I talk dirty to you and masturbate for you as I let out fart after fart! I am sure you are going to enjoy the nasty sights and sounds! I wish you could smell these farts too! They sure are stinky! Enjoy! Download Farting In My Pretty Panties! movie

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