See My Diaper Poo!

Im a dirty, stinky baby! I love to make huge stinky messes in my diaper! It feels so good to feel my poo squishing all around in my diaper! I love when it goes up my bum crack and squishes on my princess parts! I have to go really bad today! Want to watch me mess my diaper like a naughty stinky girl!? Oh I made a mess! I stink! My stuffie PigPig doesnt mind the smell though! PigPig likes the stink in my diaper! He also likes it when I rub my dirty diaper all over his face! Look! You can see the dark spot in my diaper where my poo is at! Im going to rub it all over my stuffies face! Im humping my stuffie! Oh it feels so good! My poo is everywhere! Oh! Im such a dirty baby girl! I love it! Enjoy! Download See My Diaper Poo! movie

Toilet Teasing

Dr. G gives you a taste of what it would be like to be her toilet but decides you are not worthy to receive her nectar. Next time if you are good maybe you can receive her golden gifts. (Full speed and slow motion versions) Download Toilet Teasing movie

60 Loads! Dirtiest Panties Ever!

Last month I made a video with a pair of pretty white lacy panties. Instead of throwing them away I saved them with the load of poop I shit out into them. Theyve been in my freezer with the rest of my shit all month long! When I defrosted my poop I found them stuffed in a poop jar! I just threw them into my kiddie pool with my poop so I could play with them too! This is the dirtiest pair of panties Ive ever seen in my life! They are literally caked with shit! I pick them up and wring them out! A HUGE wad of shit falls off of them! Oh my! These are some nasty panties! But I love all nasty things! Especially shit caked panties! I put them on and dance around in them! Then I slowly and sensually strip them off! I sniff them and wear them on my head too! All while talking dirty to you and telling you all about how much I love these dirty panties! I put them on again and rub my shitty panty covered pussy! I wish you could come fuck me just like this! Id pull the panties to the side so you could fuck me while I wear them! How hot would that be!? Me, covered in 60 loads of shit, getting fucked while wearing the most disgusting panties in the world! Enjoy! Download 60 Loads! Dirtiest Panties Ever! movie

065.3 Only pee waiting a turd

065.3 Now, my slave is a WC-SCAT- Toilet slave. Do you understand me? May be my english-US is not perfect, but i mean that this slave is suffering all to have in the mouth my turd, my shit. Unluckly the shit doesent arrive!!!!! Only pee. You can not immagine to be under my bottom after 1 hour of sufference and torture and can not have a little turd in the mouth. This is Mistress Isabella. Better to stay by me in Sardinia during 3 or 4 days, so you can eat!!!!! MP4 Download 065.3 Only pee waiting a turd movie

Exbinitionist Caught Shitting in Public – HD

Theres nothing like taking a dump out for the world to see and she doesnt give a fuck who sees her. The man next door caught her while shes releasing some turd so she invites him over for coffee and chat. She seduces him by playing with his cock and within minutes hes already on the floor ready to do her bidding. She makes him lick her anus while she deep throats his cock. After a few minutes, she shits right into his mouth, which she makes him eat to the last morsel. Download Exbinitionist Caught Shitting in Public – HD movie

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