248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella

Today I eat a very tastefull LASAGNA, that means pasta with meat and tomatoes and parmsan and aroma from mediterranean isalnd… koocking in the oven…..very tastefull!!!!! Unvelivebale! I made this lasagna and I eat all…. and… the day after a NEW slave can eat my poo. Beautifull experience, for him and for me. A very good slavr at his first experience, coming from north europe, may be norvegian, i do not remenber, for me it is only a wc slave! But working very good! The video is in italian language because he do not understand nothing, so i speak italian but… you can understand all! MP4 mobile and pc version very FAST download. Download 248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella movie

Voyeur Farts

I am reading in my living room when I start to let out some really stinky farts! They are loud and so smelly! My belly is aching and it feels like Im going to have to visit that bathroom soon! The farts just keep coming! I do my best to focus on my book and not on the loud stench coming from my asshole! Soon the rumbling in my belly turns into the immediate need to poop! And I run to the bathroom as fast as I can! Enjoy! Download Voyeur Farts movie

The Contract

Mistress Michelle closes today a contract with a slave, that they can do anything with him. Shortly after the slave has signed, starts even his life as a slave. Mistress Michelle has always morning shit and piss. So the slave has to open his mouth. Whether he sticks to the contract? English Language! http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download The Contract movie

Mistress Jenny takes a dump in her slaves mouth.

Jenny has had a walk with her friends and had a lot of drinks. She intentionally has not visited the WC to come home and to piss on her slave. Jenny told the slave to go under a special chair-toilet. At first, she has been smoking and spitting into the servants mouth, and in the end the slave received the urine of his favorite Mistress. The slave was choking and did not have time to swallow the urine of his Mistress. Therefore, Jenny made him to lick her urine and spits from the floor filming the entire process on camera. 2.Mistress Jenny takes a dump in her slaves mouth. Download Mistress Jenny takes a dump in her slaves mouth. movie

Amandas 1st and 2nd times 1080p HD

2 clips for 1 low price!!! We had the toilet go out again and look for a complete stranger to use him and he came back with 22 year old Amanda. She was very nervous but took a nice dump in the slaves face in her 1st vid. Three days later she comes back to do another and this time shits out a long nasty log in the toilets mouth. He eats some of her log and then licks the rest of the shit clean from her asshole. Download Amandas 1st and 2nd times 1080p HD movie

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