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Today im peeing and I have a big shitting in the toilet. It is a treat for you, my toilet. I had a good day of sex and I want shitting in your mouth. Download Big shit movie

Whistle the song to shit HD P1

The slave gets with the cattle prod a few more electricity hits, so that he lick faster the piss from the floor. Lady Grace then shits in a plastic bottle and the slave has to whistle a song along the way. Afterwards, the whole is garnished with spit and piss. So the toilet slave can then pull the shit through the narrow bottle neck into his toilet mouth. Download Whistle the song to shit HD P1 movie

Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth

Miranda dips the slave in a toilet bowl. Miranda shits in the slaves mouth, having placed a gag therein so that it could stay open. Miranda pushes the used toilet paper into his mouth, fills it with shit. Now Mistress drags a slave to the toilet to dip the head therein. She puts his head in the toilet, closes the lid and sits down on his head, scratches boots on the unfortunate servant, she spits in his face and then plunges his head into the toilet, presses the head with boots and he cant lift his head, drains water to wash away the remnants of shit on his face. Download Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth movie

Full Body Shit Smear in Public

I take a nice drive out to the middle of nowhere. Im deep in the woods but Im pretty close to a road. The country boys use this road to get to a great mudding spot. I wonder what those boys would do if they came across a naked girl smearing shit all over her body! I get so turned on at the thought of someone seeing me! I take out my little dildo and fuck myself until I cum, smelling my shit smeared body! Download Full Body Shit Smear in Public movie

Pathetic man becomes Human Toilet to Pay Off Debt!

Hes in deep shit right now. He owes the girls tons of money and he has no cash to pay them off. The kinky girls seize this to their advantage and makes him an interesting proposal. They will clear off his debts if…he agrees to be their human toilet. Having no other choice, he agrees and strips naked on their command. They make him lie down on the floor and take all the pinching and whipping from them. They place the portable toilet seat over his head and they take turns crapping on it, the scat dropping right into his mouth. He willingly swallows every morsel of shit for the sake of his financial sanity. Download Pathetic man becomes Human Toilet to Pay Off Debt! movie

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