Lucky devil

A slave is tested, if he can be rewarded with the status of a lucky devil. He must fetch little coins out of mud holes and nettles. Of course he must be naked and is only allowed to use his tongue for that. Additionally he must lick my heels and is ordered to drink my pee. Download Lucky devil movie

One by One They Drowned him in their piss! – Part 4

A dozens of nasty Mistresses and a slave who is strapped up on the ground, wrapped up in foil so he cannot move his arms and a bowl over his head where the Mistress has placed him to receive their discharge! They then took it one by one to piss on vunerable slave until the bowl is almost full and the slaves head is drowning in the Mistresses piss! What a joy to watch! Download One by One They Drowned him in their piss! – Part 4 movie

Pregnant Shit

Domi cat is pregnant but she is still shiting a lot 🙂 watch her with a big pregnancy belly shiting a lot stright in losers mouth. She whips him very hard to make him eat all the shit. Download Pregnant Shit movie

Emily scat saturation

The action begins with the fact that I go into the room and begins to caress myself. I wore my new shoes and I want that my slave licked them. My slave is lying on the table. I thrust a heel in his mouth and he licks my shoes and feet. Then I sit down on his face and begin to shit in his mouth. After my shitting, a slave is obliged to thank me for a delicious dinner. I want you ate it all and enjoyed the taste of my shit. I like to spit in your mouth full of my shit, dirty whore. Im so angry, and make you eat everything, bitch – I shove all my shit in your throat. Download Emily scat saturation movie

Toilet Slave fills up P2

Lady Grace has pooped and toilet slave eats everything. He chews the shit and swallows all the shit. The slave must have its mouth empty. Then Lady Amy poops in his mouth. And again full, and now swallow again toilet pig. Download Toilet Slave fills up P2 movie

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