This slave receives a ration of my shit directly in the his mouth. He eats it all with enthusiasm and an incredible appetite. Blindfolded can not even see my ass… hes not worthy! He can only feel the weight of my sweet heels but through the mat that I have stretched out above, in order to avoid touching he, even with the soles… he really makes me sick too! Download MISTRESS GAIA EAT MY SHIT movie

Prison of Scatology

Back in the prison of scatology and life continues as normal for every prisoner in there. Some prisoners are better trained than others. The better trained ones will consume their deliveries of shit without any spillage onto the floor. The ones less experienced are trained by being ordered to lick and nibble the nuggets from the floor. Seeing the way the warden carries out her training of inexperienced prisoners is a real joy to watch! Download Prison of Scatology movie

Chewing and eating diarrhea in bath tub

Mistress call me today and she surprised me with her stunning seethrough catsuit. She excite me, teasing me a few minutes in her room, then she order me to go to bathroom and wait for her in bath tub. She just open her ass with her hands and release a clear diarrhea directly into my hungry and open wide mouth !! Then she wait for me to chew and swallow her delicious meal. Download Chewing and eating diarrhea in bath tub movie

Drunk Couple Goes on an Enema Trip – Full Movie

They already had several shots too many of extra strong tequila and they want to something reall nasty. He suggested getting an enema because he wants his asshole filled out good tonight. So she lets him pee in a cup first and then inserts a squirt bottle up his anus. She injects fluid up his asshole and then shits all over the floor after a while. He puts his face on the filthy floor and starts eating his own shit! Download Drunk Couple Goes on an Enema Trip – Full Movie movie

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