Lets Call My Mother!!!

Watch me shit out a nice big load of shit knowing that soon I will be playing with my shit and talking to my mom on the phone! As I push this shit out I imagine eating my shit and and chewing big turds as my mother tells me all about her boring life. I get so turned on! I push the shit out and piss all over the floor! Then its time to call my mother! I take out my phone and call her! We chat for a little bit and I start to smear my shit all over my big giant tits! Mmm! It feels so good! And she has no idea! I smear my fresh shit all over my face all while she is droning on and on. I am getting so turned on my smear this shit all over me! I want to taste it so I pop a little chunk in my mouth! I hold it in there and then I swallow my shit! I put a big piece of shit in my mouth and talk to my mother with a mouth full of shit! She has no clue! Enjoy this super hot video of me playing with my shit while on the phone with my mom! Download Lets Call My Mother!!! movie

Shit Smearing Instructions

Listen to me instruct you on how to smear your shit! I love to smear shit on my body! It makes me feel good and makes my pussy drip! This is your chance to hear me tell you how to smear your own shit on your body! Don?t worry, you can pretend it?s my shit you?re rubbing all over yourself! So settle down with a nice moist pile and watch this video! I start by smearing on my chest. I make sure to get my nipples nice and coated! Then I move onto the face! I love smearing shit right under my nose so that my fresh stinky shit is all I can smell! I make sure to tell you just how to smear your shit and where! After our chests and faces are covered we can move onto our cocks! I know mine is just a toy but I imagine that it?s yours! I take a nice big pile of poop and start to smear it all over my toy cock! Slowly at first until it?s time to cum. When it?s time to cum I really work it hard! I pump the shitty cock and talk dirty to you! I know how delicious shit and cum taste mixed together! As soon as I tell you to cum I?m going to put the shit coated cock into my mouth and gulp down your cum! But don?t cum yet! Not until I say so! Enjoy these fun and sexy smearing instructions! I hope you cum so hard when I tell you to! Download Shit Smearing Instructions movie

177.2 Peeing in 24/7 in Sardinia

177.2 I forgot to say you this is a video home made in Sardinia by me during a 24/7 with Coccorocco. He is a very good slave but he is not able to support any pain, so this clip is very amusing. I will give him some pee to drink, and he like it, but do not miss the scat in 177.3 it is his first scat, very painful!!!!!!! MP4 Download 177.2 Peeing in 24/7 in Sardinia movie

Pathetic Male Officemate Turns Into a Toilet Slave!

He desperately wants to be liked by the girls in the office and hes willing to do whatever it takes. The girls decide to test him. They make him strip and lie down on the floor and make him do their bidding. The girls take turns peeing into a glass bowl. They show his face into it and makes him drink and lick all the pee. Afterwards, they sit on his face and make him service their slutty cunts. Download Pathetic Male Officemate Turns Into a Toilet Slave! movie

4 Students

Here, 4 Girls coming to see the Slave after School and this is what happened next. An earlier Movie but highly complimented, when it came out. English Subtitles Download 4 Students movie


118. Video of 42 minutes, a session during a 24/7 by me in Sardinia with a my top slave, the ones of my best seller “079 Super scat and eating”. In this video (complete) also scat and eating, umiliations, tortures, all you want to see in a BDSM session. No cuts, 42 minutes in piano sequenza, that means without interruptions. In italian. Mp4. I give you the best low price i can on yezz, im intresting only you see, you understand the situation, you will be my slaves. I remember you i like to have a new slaves by me in Sardinia, this beautifull italian Island!!!!! Download 118. MARATONA SARDA 2 movie

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