My 24h Toilet

You dream of serving as a 24 hour toilet? Here you can watch my 24h version while shit swallowing. The privilege of a 24h toilet is that you can watching me while I Prepared for a party. You lie under the Slave Toilette Box and look at me with the makeup, listen as I phone with my girlfriends … how we make you ridiculous. You can see my sexy party outfit …. clean my boots for the disco with your tongue …. In between, I dispose in you everything just throw into a toilet. Always filled with piss. Today you are lucky that I have to shit. Ill shit in your throat! My friends are already at the door and must puke at your sight! Get your mouth open toilet. That is your Life! Download My 24h Toilet movie


The only thing you should see… is my asshole and especially my shit! The only view of your miserable life should be this and nothing else. But do not worry, we will work a lot and eventually your unique point of view will always be just that. A eternal focus on the divine my shit. Download YOU CAN ONLY SEE MY SHIT movie


The mouth of my slave is a real sewer which deserves all my shit. I have a lot of shit, today! So, I discharge on his mouth to form a kind of pyramid of shit. Feel that smells good? But today my little slave has some difficulty swallowing, so I order him to swallow by closing his mouth with the adhesive tape. A video priceless because I shot it personally, only for my depraved admirers! Download MISTRESS GAIA – OPEN GOOD THIS SEWER! movie

A lot of shit

It has been two days since I didnt shit in the toilet. Today I have to shit directly into the room on the floor, without removing the pants. You must to lick my ass after shitting. My shit is very tasty for you, my toilet slave. This video I shot in good lighting especially for you my toilet slaves. Look at my ass and present you as my slut. I spitting right in the shit. Download A lot of shit movie

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