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She loves piss so much its not enough for her to drink other peoples urine – she needs people to pee on her as if shes a human toilet. Fortunately, there is no shortage of men who will gladly take their cocks out and soak her in golden showers. Buried waist-down in soil and ropes criss-crossing her tits, she opens her mouth and enjoys the warm piss raining down all over her trapped body. She tries to drink as much piss as she can and encourages the men to pee some more. Download Raining Piss! movie

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This clip is all about pissing. Miss Alysha gives her slave liters of her delcious piss. She piss directly into his mouth, but also in a plate where the piss is mixed with some food thst comes our from Lady Alyshas mouth. She also put divers food into her asshole and shit it out on the plate… enjoy your meal! Download Miss Alysha Piss Humilation movie

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