Mistress stroke shitty cock with her diarrhea

Today Mistress was so horny !!! She ordered to her slave to get a huge toy and sit on it for her pleasure. After humiliating him like that, she put him to suck it then use his mouth for his toilet daily duty ! He drink her torrent of piss and Godess filling his open wide mouth with a enormous diarrhea !! For the final, Godess take his cock in her hand and stroke it until the toilet release his sperm, also for Godess pleasure !! Download Mistress stroke shitty cock with her diarrhea movie

Filled up Santa

Biology lesson about digestion. The teacher talks and talks, but I am bored, so I present him the result of my digestion right in his mouth. Because it fits not in fully, he gets the rest inside a little Santa. My pee for drinking afterwards I give him in a fresh glass. Download Filled up Santa movie

Holding my poop with pen in asshole until satisfying shitting

I really have to poop but I have to hold it a bit longer. Its like a challenge to myself. I want to be able to control my body. I slowly stick a pen in my butt to get things even more challenging. I can feel the poop in my asshole as I push the pen inside. I let it sit there and comment about how I am so close to pooping but I have to hold it in. Then I lay on my back to see how it feels. This position makes it even more difficult. I try to move the pen but it really makes me want to poop! I want to hold it as long as I can. I take the pen out slowly and notice there is a bit of poop on it. I turn around, my ass facing you. Ill try to hold it just a bit more! You can see my opened asshole with some shit inside. Now I cant take it anymore and I have to poop. There is some shit sticking out of my butthole. Im going to let it go now Ohh it feels so good! Wow, thats an impressive amount of shit right here! Im not used to produce such a bit amount. I stick the pen back in my butt and see how dirty the pen gets. Then I show you a close-up of my shit. You can see all the details of it, and also some food inside. Download Holding my poop with pen in asshole until satisfying shitting movie

Dinner on the street

Our dirty cur does still not know, how to pamper Miss Jane and me with a nice cake. As a reminder we just crushed his meal on the street, peed in his dirty mouth and then let him slurp up all the rest from the concrete, while we kicked his balls repeatedly. Our cur has to improve – but anyway we will use his mouth as toilet. *smile* Download Dinner on the street movie

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