Big Stinky Farts!

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Mistress Anna – Gigantic Shit For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even for a TOILET. So even though I have to go to work I graciously take the time to feed my perverted minion. I enter dressed in nothing but high heels and underwear. After kicking my slaves balls hello I take my chair and sit over his face. The position here is the opposite of my usual practice and you get to see my glorious womanhood from above the slaves head. I waste no time on formalities and deliver a full course breakfast directly into the former humans mouth. I have some cum in my pussy from the previous night that I spent with a real man (not a toilet like you) and I add that to the slaves meal. This is what the real life of a toilet slave is. Maybe if you beg nicely you can take his place? Download Mistress Anna – Gigantic Shit For Breakfast movie

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