Lady Marie is together with Mistress Michelle and she likes to use a human toilet for today. She use for that the toilet seat and first of all she is peeing in the mouth of the toilet slave. Then it stucks today, only farts are coming out, but then finally she are able to press out her shit. After Marie follows Mistress Michelle. http://www.yezzclips.com/store750 Download Farting movie

Scatqueens Party 5_1 HD P2

At the second Part there are only short breaks for the Human Toilet. He has to prove himself as a supertoilet. There is no time to spare him, some Ladies try to press out something shit a second time. In any case the Toilet has not only to swallow shit. She is used as a real toilet and he get the vomit from Lady Katharina. Can he mange the vomit? http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Scatqueens Party 5_1 HD P2 movie

Illegal immigrant

Miss Jane finds an illegal immigrant, who is hiding nearby. She threatens him with accusing him and convinces him in that way to do what she wants. She dominates him and pees into his mouth. He is allowed to swallow it all. Then he also has to swallow mud from her soles and some spittle, until she leaves him alone. Download Illegal immigrant movie

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