Scat Party 2011 Part1

Our Scat Party 2011th together with Lady Angie, Lady Grace and our new friend, Princess Nikki. We use two toilet slaves. One toilet is immediately sent home. you have to work as a toilet. Lie down and open your mouth wide. He got a huge bunch of shit in his mouth. Download Scat Party 2011 Part1 movie

11..Jenny humiliated and pissed on her slave

Jenny has had a walk with her friends and had a lot of drinks. She intentionally has not visited the WC to come home and to piss on her slave. Jenny told the slave to go under a special chair-toilet. At first, she has been smoking and spitting into the servants mouth, and in the end the slave received the urine of his favorite Mistress. The slave was choking and did not have time to swallow the urine of his Mistress. Therefore, Jenny made him to lick her urine and spits from the floor filming the entire process on camera. Download 11..Jenny humiliated and pissed on her slave movie

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