Bonus! Corn Dine and Dump!

This video started out as a dine and dump video but there I was sitting on my floor with a big pile of poop and that corn cob. I was so turned on after shitting that pile out! Then things got a little naughty! Enjoy the Corn! Dine and Dump video AND the Bonus! all in one video!!! Bonus ? I pick up the days old corn on the cob and shove it up my cunt! Mmm! It slides into my moist cunt so easily! I pick up the plate of poop and sniff it as I fuck my hole! I roll around and stick my ass in the air all while the corn cob is sticking out of my hole. I love how it looks sticking out of my pussy like that! It time to cum though! I am so crazy turned on! I grab a big chunk of poop and pop it into my mouth! Oh man! I am cumming! What a nice strong orgasm! I try to moan and talk dirty to you with the poop in mouth! I?m a happy scat girl! Enjoy! Download Bonus! Corn Dine and Dump! movie

Diarrhea in sexy outfit

Today again weekend ! Godess alone at home .. . cannot call her toilets . . .what to do ? Going in her dungeon room, she create a sexy and relaxing atmosphere to can make a good meal for her toilets . . .She just shit slowly and pissing into a bowl to relieve the presupre from her stomach. And feeling so good after that . . .sexy pink panty fitting on her asshole . .. great view for members who adore Godess asshole ! Download Diarrhea in sexy outfit movie

Toilet Slave Pee

Hello my toilet slave. You look so pathetic down there in my toilet. You eat and drink everything that I give you dont you? You love to drink my piss and eat my shit! I dont have any shit for you today but I do have a nice bladder full of piss for you! You are going to drink it all arent you, toilet slave? If you drink all of my piss Ill let you lick my pussy clean. You like the taste of my cunt mixed with my piss dont you. You are such a good toilet slave! I love knowing that you will eat and drink everything that comes out of my body! You make me so proud of you. Enjoy! Download Toilet Slave Pee movie

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