ENEMA is my constipation reliever!

I had a constipation and I did not poo for 3 days now, it was a lovely afternoon so I decided to walk at the park. Normally I do take my enema shot with me just incase I need it. While I was walking I had a terrible stomach pain, I tried to go to the public toilet but had no luck…. my shit wouldnt come out! So I decided to inject my ass with enema to help me and by doing that it only takes a few seconds to work before I was almost dying of stomach pain and I could no longer go to the toilet I had to SHIT right there in the middle of the park right away! I hope nobody pass by and see me… Download ENEMA is my constipation reliever! movie

Scat Cats 03 Second Cam

This is the same clip like Scat Cats 03, but from a different camera angle. This version focus more on close-ups of shitting… What a meal! Lokks like chilli con carne, but tests better! The Cat shits a big big mountain of shit in a plate, take the plate in cats hands and feeds the slave with all the yummy creamy shit! He has never eat so much shit in his life! Dirty Talk but in German Download Scat Cats 03 Second Cam movie

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