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Mistresss toilet! – Full movie

Im a useless object and Im a toilet for my Mistress. She uses me whenever she pleases, today for instance I am her toilet and food crusher. She is angry today, I think its because I sneakily touched her nice ass while she was sleeping! Now I think she is punishing me… but I love her naked ass nonetheless so I will take whatever it is she do to me. I love to eat her pussy, lick her anus and especially my favorite is when she makes me eat her poop! You will see here she showered my face with her loads of piss and take a dumb bit by bit on my face and smothered me with a LOT OF POOP! I love it Download Mistresss toilet! – Full movie movie


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Scat.Janny Domination

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Poop Up My Nose! Part 1

Part 1: Shitting, Talking Dirty, And Stuffing Shit Up My Nose!!!! Ive got a huge moist load of shit that I am struggling to keep inside my butt. It wants to come out so bad! When it does, Im going to do something so nasty with my fresh, warm shit! Its going to blow your mind how dirty I love to get! I start by talking soft and sensual, telling you all the things Im about to do. Then its time to shit! I bend over right in front of the camera! Right in front of your face! I want you to see every little detail as I push out these huge soft turds! Oh wow! What a load! I sit down in my tub with my big load of poop! Its time to get dirty! Im going to stuff one turd up each of my nostrils! Oh its so dirty! All I can smell is shit! I feel so sexy with shit stuffed up my nose! My nostrils are completely stuffed! I close one nostril and blow hard. The turd comes flying out of my nose! I close the other nostril and blow hard again! Now the other turd flies out! Oh its nasty and fun! Now I can stuff two more turds up my nose! I love stuffing fresh warm poop in places it doesnt belong! Enjoy! Download Poop Up My Nose! Part 1 movie

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