Time For A Feeding!

I see you are right where I left you, completely bound, tied up under my toilet chair. Your mouth, gagged wide open with a ring gag. This is where I keep you. I have no other use for you. Your only purpose in life is to eat my shit. I havent fed you in a while. I bet you are starving. Are you hungry for your breakfast, slave!? I am sure you are! You survive solely on my shit! My fresh, warm, moist, shit! Its time for me to feed you! You will eat all of my shit! You never know how long youll have to go without food. Keep your mouth open wide! Oh right, you are gagged and have no choice but to eat my shit! Chew it up and swallow it all, toilet salve! This is your food, your subsistence! This is how you please me. Eat my shit! Download Time For A Feeding! movie

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