Sexy Sensual Shitting and Smearing

I?ve got an amazing video fro you today! You really don?t want to miss this one! Shitting, body smearing, face smearing, and tons of sexy, sensual dirty talk! All filmed with my GoPro camera! What more could you ask for in a smearing video? I start by pushing out a HUGE perfectly smearable load! I admire my shit and show you how perfectly beautiful it is! I take my shit in both of my hands and smear it all over my big, juicy tits! My sexy, natural tits look their best when they are covered in a moist load of shit! But I don?t stop there! I smear my arms and legs and belly with my shit too! Then I stand up and really coat my ass in a thick layer of poop! I can?t forget my face either! I look right into the camera and talk dirty to you as I smear my sexy, smelly shit all over my face! You want to come join me in my sexy fun don?t you!? We can smear ourselves in our shit for hours! Just you and me being filthy, happy, horny, scat lovers! Enjoy! Download Sexy Sensual Shitting and Smearing movie

Mistress Roberta- Peeing tough pantyhose on my subby bf cock

Today i am in a very kinky way and my subby boyfriend will find out soon enough because he will try something really new for him .Today i will chain him on the massage table and first to arouse him i order him to shine my latex dress , thing that he will do and and after i start to play with him his nipples, his chest , his cock and balls tie them up with an rope play with his cock and tell him that he is not alowed to cum unless i pee on his cock so i do pee on his cock tough my shiny pantyhose and after milk his cock . Download Mistress Roberta- Peeing tough pantyhose on my subby bf cock movie

New Scat Humiliation Session!

A new toilet imagines. After I discarded my old toilet, I test today a new shit eater. Is that a cool feeling. To warm up, I sit on his open mouth and fart in his face. With the degrading words he quickly realized what his destiny! For this, the sight of my beauty and my perfect feet and already has broken his soul;) And again to be allowed a loser who begs me eat my shit. I expect a perfectly functioning toilets that my shit and piss is immediately swallowed. As in a real toilet! Otherwise I stuff with my heels and feet is swallowed up everything 🙂 Download New Scat Humiliation Session! movie

Domestic slave humiliated and served with diarrhea

Domestic slave is commanded by two Mistresses, they let him sniff their filthy and stinky socks and feet then suck on their toes. They then take turns on smothering him with their soaked panties while teasing and mocking the poor slave. Mistress feel like she needed to go to the bathroom so she took her panties off then she squatted on slaves face piss on him and farted with diarrhea shit! Their slave loved it he even lick off some of the splatter. *** Special discount *** Download Domestic slave humiliated and served with diarrhea movie

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