Swallow ALL of it! – Full movie

Eager nerd wants to eat teachers shit! So she makes him come over to her pad after class and makes him strip. She spits on his mouth then places a funnel on it. She pees on the funnel and makes him drink her yellow pee! She decides to give him what he came for and unloads her shit on his face. She finishes it off by peeing on him. Download Swallow ALL of it! – Full movie movie

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I have a very special present for you! Look at this cute little Christmas bag I have for you to open! Oh no! Its empty! Hmm… Well, I guess Ill have to fill it up for you! I want you to have a very special Christmas so I will give you the most special gift! I open my little Christmas bag and squat right over it! I let out a cute little giggle and start filling the bag with my fresh warm pee! Oh it feels good to pee for you! I think you will be very happy to receive my pee for Christmas! What!? My pee is not enough for you!? You want some poo too!? Well, okay! I can do that! The pee bag is full and wont stay up so I get another little Christmas bag, open it up and squat right over it! I hope my poo lands in the bag! I start pushing and squeezing out a nice big load just for you! Merry Christmas! Download Merry Christmas! movie

Burping Alphabet Challenge

Growing up I just LOVED to belch! I had a real talent for the loudest trucker like burps and I get kept on burping. Now a days I still can burp really loud but its more of a challenge so I try to do the alphabet and once I hit certain letters off goes my top revealing my sexy huge tits!I do make it through the WHOLE alphabet with a mixture of burps…..some really loud and deep ones. You are going to love how talented I am and ho much fun I have doing this. We both know you love watching a hot girl get a little trashy and acting not so lady like! Download Burping Alphabet Challenge movie

Poop Accident In My Car!

You dont see any smearing or playing with my poo in this one. Only a sexy poo accident while driving in my car. Oh no! I had an accident while driving home today! I knew I had to shit bad but I thought that I could make it home in time! I kept farting, but then I felt a turd pop out of my ass! I knew it was too late and my asshole just let loose and all this shit came gushing out of my ass and into my pretty red panties! Right there in my car seat as I was driving home! I pulled over and got out so I could see the damage. My panties were ruined! There was shit all up my ass crack! I had no choice but to pull my panties up and drive home. On the way home I got so horny and turned on! I couldnt help it! I was sitting in my own shit after I accidentally pooped in my car! I started rubbing my pussy and I even found a bottle of hand sanitizer to fuck myself with while I drove the rest of the way home! I got shit all over my hand but I made it home! Download Poop Accident In My Car! movie

I feed you with shit against your will!

A toilet slave does not manage to swallow as it should be, is at mine, Miss Janes and Jordan Stars mercy. He gets two loads of shit in his mouth, is allowed to drink my pee and as dessert, Jordan Star pukes into a cone, she pushed into his mouth. Thats the way, we treat a disfunctional toilet – there will be some feeding with shit against his will Download I feed you with shit against your will! movie

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