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Nothing turns me on more than stuffing my horny, hungry hole with random objects! The weirder the object is the more it turns me on! Today Im going to fuck my big, juicy cunt with my dogs toy! I love knowing that I could be fucking myself with a toy that still has my dogs drool on it! It takes quite a bit of effort to get the toy into my cunt but when I finally do it feels so amazing! I will have to keep stretching my hole and working at making it bigger! Then I can fuck myself will all kinds of wild and crazy objects! What should I fuck myself with next!? Download Odd Insertions: Dog Toy! movie


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This lonely housewife manages a boardinghouse while her husband works overseas. One day, she chances upon one of her boardersbag. Curiosity nudged her to open the bag and take a peek and she saw used tissues with dry cum and a soiled panty. She gets turned on with what she saw and starts playing with herself. When the young man returns from school, she seduces him by rubbing his cock through his pants. She makes him eat her hairy cunt until her juices exploded out from her. Noticing that he loves to sniff her ass she also know that he has a secret desire to eat her shit! Download Housewife Secret Toyboy! – Full Movie movie

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