Slave, what are your preference about my body? Admire it well, a so perfect body that you never saw in your life. I honestly prefer everything of me, but particularly I love my ass, everything is perfect in my body. But besides being perfect on the outside, my chocolate is perfect and my champagne, to try and to enjoy, always! Download MISTRESS GAIA – WHAT ARE YOUR PREFERENCES? – mobile version movie

Looser P2

After the toilet slave has swallowed all the piss from Mistress Michelle and Lady Missy, he has to serves again as a spittoon and gets face slaps from Lady Missy. Then she pees him again into his slaves mouth. Mistress Michelle comes in and needs to shit and use the new toilet slave for pooping. Lady Missy has just poop afterwards. The whole shit is on his mouth now but he cant open his mouth. So he has to endure with the shit on his face. For these issue Mistress Michelle wrapped his head. Download Looser P2 movie

199.1 LESSON 1. English Italian

199.1 I decide to give you intresting lessons of italian Language abouth scat and bdsm. Im your teacher, you must listen and repeat! All this video is in english so you can understand my lesson. This is a short intro, the pee and the caviar is in the next clip, the 199.2 ….so, when you come by me you can understand italian and may be say somes words too!!!!! MP4 Download 199.1 LESSON 1. English Italian movie

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