Scat Kisses

Tiffany makes a big shit in Susans mouth. Then they lovely deep kisses with a lot of scat in their mouths. This one of the best Lesbian Scat Scenes ever. Download Scat Kisses movie

Pooping In My Sexy Pink Panties

Its time to fill my panties up with a nice steaming load of poop! Ive been farting and finger fucking myself in these panties all day! Its finally time to push my turds out! I want to destroy these panties! I dont want them to be pretty and pink anymore! I want them to be a stinking brown! I am going to stain these panties with my shit! I will ruin them! I push out two medium sized hard turds! I can feel the heat radiating off of my shit! I can smell the stench of them in my panties! It feels amazing to shit in my clothes! I love that my shit it trapped next to me! It is stuck in my panties, close to my ass and pussy. I wish I could just pull my pants up and walk around like that. With shit in my panties. All day I would just enjoy the dirty feeling and the warmth of my shit! Oh and the smell too! I pull my panties up into my ass crack, smearing my shit and breaking my turds up into many tiny little hard nuggets! I pull my panties down to show you a dirty ass and my panties full of poop! I love when I have hard turds! It feels great coming out of my ass! But also, I can take those little hard turds and stove them right back up into my asshole! I push several of my turds back into my dirty shithole! Some of the turds, I easily shit back out but some of them want to stay in my asshole! Thats okay, Ill just shit them out tomorrow! I hope you enjoy this sexy, dirty panty pooping video! Enjoy! Download Pooping In My Sexy Pink Panties movie

Stinky Feet

I just got my feet pampered and painted! I had a wonderful pedicure and I wanted to share my pretty feet with you! I take a huge dump in my tub and then I start to play with my poop with my pretty pink toes! I squish my shit in between my toes and smear my shit all over my feet! I step on my shit and rub it all around my tub. I make a huge mess covering my pretty pedicured feet in my stinky fresh shit! Download Stinky Feet movie


I have my scat slut in my dungeon for a couple of hours. Hes going to experience some of my delightful pleasures. I have him on a leash just to make sure he obeys me. I begin with him licking my shoes, its a good discipline for any slave. There are two dog bowls, one for my piss and the other for my shit. This slut is going to drink, and eat, until both bowls are licked nice and clean. Im also going to use my strapon on him. Making sure his ass is opened nice and wide for me. I do enjoy those squeals as I go all the way in. I get him to sit on the strapon, buttplug style. Its amusing to see him suffer. Then I feed him my shit, making sure he chews and swallows it. I allow him to masturbate with his cum over my shit in the bowl, and instruct him to eat all of it. What a lucky SLUT… Download MISTRESS GAIA – SCAT DOG BOWL SLUT – HD version movie

In the bathroom, shit in mouth

Today, my toilet slave will be my foot mat. I take care the skin of my beauty legs. I put away rough skin and my toilet slave lick my feet. He is very happy that I allow him to kiss my feet. Now Im shitting in your mouth. Open it wider and you be my toilet. Portion by portion he catch my shit. When your mouth is full of my shit, you can start to chew and swallow my shit. I shove foot in your shitty mouth. Lick my shitty feet. I spit in your open mouth. Swallow my saliva. You pathetic loser. Download In the bathroom, shit in mouth movie

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