Husbands hidden agenda – Part 2

Part 2 – This guy has an hidden agenda, his wife doesn?t know that he is like this! To fullfil his desire, he converted their basement into a dungeon where he hides his other woman who is there to only service him!!! After work, he visits the dungeon and get his slave to lick his ass, suck his dick, smell his farts and of course drinks his piss and receives his feces! Download Husbands hidden agenda – Part 2 movie

The living crapper

Everyone should have a matching name anyway, so I call my new slave according to his job just crapper. Today Miss Jane uses him, shes waiting for me and the new slave in my studio. The guy is first somewhat tortured, then Miss Jane puts her butt over his skull to shit on it. Although it is a little off, but the first impression of the new toilet is promising. The rest was stuffed into his mouth and he was allowed to swallow in pain. Download The living crapper movie

MistressAnna – Unstoppable Shitting

I enjoy your suffering on so many levels. There is the pain from my whip, the suffering from being made to swallow my shit and the pain that comes from contemplating my superior beauty and the knowledge that you could never be with a woman as beautiful and sophisticated as meexcept as a toilet. This is the kind of pain that seeing me in my elegant dress and observing my refined walk causes you. For a man, seeing a woman pull up her dress over that beautiful ass would mean he is about to have the greatest pleasure imaginable and engage in the ultimate act confirming his manhood. For you, seeing the skirt slide up over my firm ass checks means only humiliation. It means that it is time for me to shit. It means you are about to undergo the ultimate degrading act, the negation of not only your manhood, but your humanity. It means that YOU ARE A TOILET. I rest my rosebud right against your mouth until I deposit my wastes right in your gullet and slap your dick. After I dismount I find I have still more to give you. The slave moves the camera so perverts masturbating at home can get the best view. Make sure you EAT YOUR CUM FOR ME. I want to enjoy your suffering, too! Download MistressAnna – Unstoppable Shitting movie

Shitting Hard for the Money!

There are perverted individuals who will actually pay for people to shit in front of them and this lady makes loads of money for this service! Naked and ready to shit, she sits on the floor and thrusts her ass for you to see. She ejects a small load of soft shit on a tissue to avoid making a mess on the carpet. She receives the cash in exchange for the shit she just dumped on the floor. Download Shitting Hard for the Money! movie

Packing My Shit and Pussy!

Two part video!!! Part 1: My big beautiful ass is full of shit again! I can feel that it?s a BIG load! I know it?s going to stretch my hole open! Maybe even rip it open! I sure do have some amazingly gigantic loads of shit! I tell you how I am going to fuck my asshole with my toy. I?m going to pack my shit with my dildo. And I?m going to imagine that it?s your cock fucking my ass, stuffing my shit in as far as it will go! I want you to pack my shit with your cock! I get my hole nice and wet and suck on the toy cock so it will slide right into my asshole! As soon as it?s in I?m met with resistance! It?s my poop! I can feel my turds up in my ass! I fuck my ass nice and hard! I feel myself starting to cum. But not yet! I push the toy cock out of my ass and show you my hole! I?ve packed my shit in deep but it is desperate to get out of my ass! It?s going to be a struggle to push it all out! I grunt and moan and push as hard as I can! I don?t think I?ve ever made noises like this before while shitting! Those turds are really far up in there! I packed my poop in good! Finally with all the grunting and moaning, I push the poop out of my hole! Woah! There is so much! It really rips my hole up! I even bleed a little! Yikes! Those are some big turds! It feels so good to get it all out of me! I am breathing heavily and my pussy is dripping. Part 2: I?ve just finished packing my ass! I stuffed my shit in deep and then struggled to push it out! Now that it?s all out, I?m so crazy turned on! I am desperate to cum! And I know just the way I want to cum! Look at this huge pile of shit! It would feel so good stuffed inside my pussy! I want to pack my pussy full of shit! And that is just what I do! Watch as I stuff my pretty pussy FULL of shit! I pack it in deep with my dildo that I pretend is a cock! Fucking my shit filled pussy! Oh god! It feels so amazing! I am so turned on and dying to cum! I want to enjoy this though! I stuff my pussy completely full of my fresh smelly shit and then I push it out using just my muscles! It?s like I?m shitting out of my pussy! That shit looks so amazing coming out of my soft, wet cunt! Then I get this crazy idea to push a little turd back up into my asshole! It takes a second but I have a greedy hole and it swallows that shit right up! Then I shit it out again! Finally it?s time to cum! I push some more shit into my cunt and push it out and then fuck my shitty hole with my toy cock until I cum all over my poop! I am a very happy scat girl! Download Packing My Shit and Pussy! movie

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