Poop! Poop! Poop!

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Desperation Made her Shit Near the Highway!

She is driving on her way to her parents house when her stomach starts to grumble. Normally, she would run to the nearest restroom and take a dump in there, but right now, who gives a shit? She pulls over, goes out of the car and squats right there on the side of the road. Pee and shit burst forth from her tight asshole. She wipes herself with tissue and leaves chunks of solid shit on the ground. Download Desperation Made her Shit Near the Highway! movie

Desperation – I Shit My Jeans

I have to shit so bad! Why is my friend taking sooooo long in the bathroom! I am beyond desperate! I can feel my asshole opening up! There is a massive load threatening to explode out of my asshole! I bang on the door and beg for her to let me in! I am begging and crying and pleading! Please, please let me in! Im going to shit in my pant! My jeans will be ruined and Ill get shit everywhere! I cant help my ass from opening up and farting! Then a turd escapes my ass! Ugh! I just shit a little in my jeans! I reach into my pants and pull the turd out! Oh god! Let me in! I just shit in my pants! 10 minutes layer and she still hasnt come out of the bathroom! I cannot hole it anymore! My anal sphincter is not strong enough to hold back this massive wet load of shit! I explode in my jeans! A gigantic mess of shit and piss pours into my jeans! Eww! I cry! Please! Let me in I just shit in my jeans! I pull my jeans off! There is still shit stuck between my ass cheeks! I pull it out and look at my destroyed jeans! There is shit everywhere! On my ass, my legs, my pussy, all in my ass crack, and now on my floor! How humiliating that I just shit my jeans! Why couldnt she just let me into the bathroom!?! Download Desperation – I Shit My Jeans movie

Magnesium Citrate Experiment!

Its time for another laxative experiment! This time Im trying out liquid magnesium citrate! Do you want to see what happens when I drink an entire bottle of liquid laxative!? I wonder what kind of nasty disgusting runny shit is going to explode out of my ass! I bet it is going to be so gross! Wet, runny, smelly diarrhea! Watch as I drink the laxative and then see what comes out of my butt! Enjoy! Download Magnesium Citrate Experiment! movie

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