Doctor Makes Housecall for Scat Test!

Scared that she might be sick, this pretty girl calls the doctor and asks him to visit her at home. Unknown to her, the doc is like a dirty old man who does questionable methods when checking his patients. He asks her to remove her skirt and panties so he can check out her asshole. He shoves his face in between her ass cheeks to lick and smell her cunt and anus. He makes her shit and he gathers the scat into a container. He hikes up her skirt and smears the shit all over her tits before sucking them. Download Doctor Makes Housecall for Scat Test! movie

The Beginner P3

After Mistress Michelle has crapped the toilet slave in his mouth, she animates the slave to swallow the shit step by step. Now he is still a beginner slave, but he manage something. He is allowed to take away the rest of the shit to eat it later. Download The Beginner P3 movie

Turd Eating!

Its time for part two of my massive turd fun! Listen to me talk dirty to you. I tell you all about the HUGE turd I just shit out! I love talking about my nasty, sexy adventures! Please listen to me tell you all about how I am going to eat my shit! I cant wait to taste it, lick it, and feel it working its way down into my belly. Then, in a few days, I will shit it out again! Thinking about eating my shit is turning me on so much! Its time to play with the real thing! I pick up my GIANT turd and smell it! Mmm! Its still warm! Its smells so good! I keep talking dirty as I suck my turd like a cock. Its time to eat my shit! I pick out a nice little turd and pop it into my mouth! Mmm! It taste so good! Then, I swallow! I gag a little and my eyes tear up but I do it! I swallow my shit! I love eating my shit! I wish I could bite into my big log and just chew my shit and swallow it down. But for now, I will stick to the cute little turds! I love eating my shit so much I eat another one! Watch me gag a little and then swallow that baby down! I love being a happy little shit eater! Download Turd Eating! movie

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