Classy Business Woman Farts

Even sexy business women need to let it rip! After work I get home and all those farts Ive been holding on to just need to be released so get ready for multiple loud badass farts. Obviously I need to tease and taunt you with my crotch and panties. Get close up and get ready! Download Classy Business Woman Farts movie


After giving them a rest from tickling, we are back after a couple of hours to further punish our slaves. This is going to be more severe than their tickling experience earlier. I have a riding crop, while Mistress Vivienne uses a little grating wheel on her slut. Both slaves begin to struggle and squeal, as they are whipped and grated respectively. Time to give them some real pain. So we get a couple straps and begin to whip both of them. I love that stinging sound as the leather strap hits the skin. Its not long before the whelts beging to appear. After treating both our sluts a good thrashing. We decide to give ourselves a well earned a break. Leaving our slaves tightly bound and gagged, we go off for some lunch. On our return, we will have plenty more pony play tricks for our lucky sluts to endure. Download MISTRESS GAIA – BOUND GAGGED and WHIPPED – HD version movie

053.1 My Birthday (10 years ago)

053.1 Hallo dear slaves, this is my Birthday with my best Sissy Carlotta of 10 years ago!!!! In video 190 that i published two month ago there is my Birthday of 2014 always with Carlotta (we are borned the same day!). This 053.1 is the intros clip, Carlotta try to comb my hair and she receive a lot of lashes… Download 053.1 My Birthday (10 years ago) movie

Domestic mistress bathroom scat serving

Here we have a slave and his domestic mistress. The highness, his ruler supreeme and he will do whatever he is ordered to do. On this occasion, he is on the floor in her bathroom before she squats over him and pushes out a sticky shit which only slightly stretches her ass before escaping and being dropped into the slaves mouth and across his face. She smears her shit over her slaves face and smothers him with her dirty ass ordering him to lick as she does so. He can barely breath but he knows better than to disobey his mistress! Download Domestic mistress bathroom scat serving movie

Vomit Education P2

Now Lady Grace has to shit urgently and the slave has to prepare the toilet chair very fast. Shortly after Lady Grace has sit down on the toilet chair she starts with shitting. Another big pile for the toilet slave. Download Vomit Education P2 movie

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