Biological toilet in a wardrobe?

In the hotel the bitch from the front desk told us, that there is a biological toilet in the wardrobe in our room. Later we noticed, what she wanted to say with that. There was a living toilet in there! What a fun. I must check it out immediately! I filled his mouth with a huge load of scat and pee! I like this hotel – I think I will check in here more frequently… Download Biological toilet in a wardrobe? movie

Astrid Dance

One of our older Videos with beautifull Astrid. She is the only Girl, we needed to suspend for being to cruel and cold. The Slave accused her of braking his Rib and Hand on Purpose during other filming Occasions. English Subtitles Download Astrid Dance movie

Sandys Control P4

It seems that the toilet slave can not swallow the shit from Lady Sandy any more. Now she decides that the slave has to stick the hole bunch of shit into his mouth and so he continues with cleaning the flat. After a while he has to put his clothes on and together with Lady Sandy he goes outside still the bunch of shit in his mouth. Download Sandys Control P4 movie

Take a sip, loser!

On my way to the bound slave, my boots become dirty. All the dust from the street must be swept away by my slaves tongue. *smile* After that, he gets a glass cone in his mouth, so he must swallow my golden shower. The idiot chokes on it and some of the pee comes on my trousers. Now I was angry and let him feel that! Do better next time! Loser! Download Take a sip, loser! movie

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