Second visitor to human toilet and abducted businessman!

Word has already got around and more ladies are starting to arrive having been told about new human toilet slaves waiting to serve them. This lady has come fresh from her office and proceeds to deposit her chunks of scat into the well trained human toilets mouth. There is much to eat and the human toilet cannot take the load all in one go but works through it steadily until as much as possible is swallowed. After she has delivered her scat, she uses the businessman as human toilet roll and he cleans her dirty asshole with his tongue. Download Second visitor to human toilet and abducted businessman! movie

Shit Head! Part 1: Covering My Head In Shit!

Ive been at it again! Ive collected a ton of shit for a super fun and sexy scat adventure! This time Ive saved up 10 loads of shit! I saved them in little baggies and froze them. After defrosting those ten loads of shit, its time to completely cover my face in my poop! I love showing you all the poop Ive saved up! Picking up that huge pile of shit makes me so happy! I feel proud of myself for saving my poop! Now I get to play in it and make myself cum so hard! With the ten loads in my hand I count down from three before I shove my face right into that huge pile of poo! Oh man! I smear my face right into that mountain of shit! It feels so good and moist! It smells so bad too! I love how nasty and stinky my shit gets! It just turns me on even more! I completely cover my head in shit – my hair, my face, my ears, my nose, and my eyes! I am definitely a shit head! Lol! I never thought being a shit head would be a good thing! I hope you enjoy my dirty games! Download Shit Head! Part 1: Covering My Head In Shit! movie

Fleet Enema In White Panties

Lookie what I have! A fleet enema! I love the way enemas make me lose control of my asshole! I am helpless to the laxative effects! So much wet, disgusting shit is about to come bursting out of my ass! All that shit is going to fill my big, white panties! I pull my panties down and insert the bottle into my ass. I squeeze all the liquid into my shithole! Its cold and I can feel the liquid working its way up inside of me! I quickly pull my panties up and prepare myself for the wet, runny shit to start coming out of my ass! I can feel the wet fluid dribbling out of my ass! It is staining my white cotton panties brown! Soon my ass is farting out nasty wet shit! I pull my panties aside so you can see the mess working its way out of my ass! Ewww! Its so gross! I keep shitting and pushing out wet, runny, diarrhea! My bathroom stinks so bad! I scoop up some of the shit from the floor of my bathtub and smear it all over my dirty panties! They are really ruined now! I pull my panties down and show you all the shit inside of them! Yuck! I feel more shit ready to come out! I bend over and push out a long, skinny turd! My ass crack is filthy! I take my once white panties and stuff them up my ass crack! I have made such a mess! Enjoy! Download Fleet Enema In White Panties movie

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