Scat and Vomit Cats 01

This clip is shoot by the Cats personaly. First Kimi Cat holds the cam while Domi Cat piss shit and vomit at the slave, then they change and Kimi Cat is on turn. She makes a real big pice of shit directlly into the slaves mouth, then she is vomiting at him! This clip is short but dam dirty. You can see two beautifull ladys shiting and vomiting on slave. It is very authentic, the girls really like what they do. they talk and lough a lot. Clip in german! If you like a personal session with the Cats write at: Download Scat and Vomit Cats 01 movie

Keishas first time 720p HD

Ebony big booty first timer Keisha comes over and drops a huge pile of foul shit in the toilets face. Smelled so bad she had to spray while shitting. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Keishas first time 720p HD movie

Fart and Poop!

Oh I have such a nasty, stinky butt! Watch me dance around in my pretty dress while I fart for you! I love smelling my stinky toots! I breathe in deep and cough so hard! Then I get the great idea to go outside on my balcony and fart for you! I have to be quite so my neighbors only hear my big loud, stinky farts! It makes my pussy so wet to fart where all my neighbors could hear me! Now its time to poop! Im going to give you a nice close up view of my pretty little anus squeezing out those cute little turds! Enjoy! Download Fart and Poop! movie

Mistress Roberta – Cum, pee, scat and enema

Stepping on my toilet slave i make him open his mouth so i can empty the condom i used with my boyfriend full with spearm in and after i remove the panties i have on i brake the back of my leggings and pee on his chest, spit in his mouth, a peace of shit that he lost so i put it in his mouth and filling my ass with water i come to give him the taste of my enema filling his mouth and face with shit and ass water and putting my glove i take all is down and stick it back in his mouth all over his face and chest Download Mistress Roberta – Cum, pee, scat and enema movie

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