Public Bathroom Farts! (GoPro)

I am in a public store bathroom! And I have to fart so bad! I can?t help but let those farts rip out of my ass! I am so embarrassed but also turned on! But then, someone walks in and starts to use the next stall! I can?t hold my farts in! I let a huge one rip out of my ass! Oh! It?s so loud! I know the woman in the other stall heard me! Oh it?s so embarrassing! But so hot! After she leave I decide to get really adventurous! I open the door to the stall I?m in and let out a huge fart! Anyone could have walked in and saw my big ass ripping out huge, stinky farts! Enjoy! This video was filmed with my gopro! Download Public Bathroom Farts! (GoPro) movie

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