Shit Head! Part 1: Covering My Head In Shit!

Ive been at it again! Ive collected a ton of shit for a super fun and sexy scat adventure! This time Ive saved up 10 loads of shit! I saved them in little baggies and froze them. After defrosting those ten loads of shit, its time to completely cover my face in my poop! I love showing you all the poop Ive saved up! Picking up that huge pile of shit makes me so happy! I feel proud of myself for saving my poop! Now I get to play in it and make myself cum so hard! With the ten loads in my hand I count down from three before I shove my face right into that huge pile of poo! Oh man! I smear my face right into that mountain of shit! It feels so good and moist! It smells so bad too! I love how nasty and stinky my shit gets! It just turns me on even more! I completely cover my head in shit – my hair, my face, my ears, my nose, and my eyes! I am definitely a shit head! Lol! I never thought being a shit head would be a good thing! I hope you enjoy my dirty games! Download Shit Head! Part 1: Covering My Head In Shit! movie

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