Mommy Poops In Your Diaper!

Aww! Baby, you look so cute! Youre such a good baby! But its time for me to put you in diapers! I have a nice clean, fresh diaper for you! But since you are Mommys special little baby, I have a very special treat for you today! Mommy is going to fill your diaper with piss and shit! Yes, baby! Im going to piss and shit in your diaper and then make you wear it! What do you think of that baby!? Do you want to wear Mommys poop all day long!? Sorry, baby, you dont have a choice! You are going to sit in Mommys stinky poop and pee all day and youre going to love it! It makes Mommy so happy to see her little baby in her poop! Good Baby! Download Mommy Poops In Your Diaper! movie

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