Shart Slavery

This is a MUST HAVE, TONS of huge wet farts straight into his nose and mouth–Arriving home late from the gym and being promised a movie night and dinner.. I find my boyfriend sleeping on the couch, doing absolutely nothing.. Ive been eating nothing but freezer meals for the last week.. I was finally looking forward to an actual cooked meal.. I think he should pay for this.. How about he experiences what Ive been experiencing for the last week from all the disgusting broccoli and cheese mac meals Ive had to eat up close and personal?! They have DESTROYED my stomach.. Everytime I have to fart I have to change panties.. Hes going to regret bailing on me like this.. I lead him half asleep into his room and strap him to my personally made bench just to trap him in my ass. Completely immobilized and unable to move his head I start the xbox and sit my filthy panties Ive been wearing all day right down on his nose.. he must have forgotten what Ive been going through lately judging by the look of surprise and disgust from the very first wet hot fart that leaked into his nose.. Omg.. and theyre hot.. I can only imagine how it must be.. Every fart just seems to get wetter and wetter.. I can literally hear how wet they are when he tries to breathe through my panties.. hows that smell?!? I ask as he tries to answer but can do nothing but moan as my panty covered pussy is covering his mouth.. He wont get to complain.. Im only leaning up just enough to uncover his nose so he cant cheat through his mouth.. I dont think so honey.. Just keep sucking for air against my shtty panties.. I almost feel bad because these farts were WET wet.. all the sucking against my panties is pulling the liquid from the farts straight through my panties and down his nose.. surely dumping into the back of his throat.. Couldnt get any better, now he can smell AND taste them when they drain into the back of his throat;) oh wait.. yes it could!! How about I remove these filthy little panties of mine so that little protective barrier between your nose and my ass isnt there to save you any more?! Haha yes, time for them to go.. Hope you enjoy YOUR dinner as it drains to the back of your throat.. Better hope theres not any more in there… but his hope will soon be shattered when a little extra slips out and gets pushed right into his nose when I dont notice and cram it right back into my ass.. I didnt even realize how wet they really were until I watched his humiliation afterward.. at one point after telling him to open his mouth I could clearly see it dripping in.. Idk how he handled it.. Better learn your lesson soon baby.. I doubt this stomach flu is going to go away anytime soon. But Im sure the smell Ill be leaving in your nose for the next week will quickly remind you;) ————- Easily one of my favorite clips to date and I will rate this a MUST have for any fan of sharts. Absolute perfection. Download Shart Slavery movie

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