Diapered Enema! Round 1

Its time to clean my dirty, stinky butthole! I fill my ass up with a huge bag of warm, clean water! The water pours into my ass so quickly! I can feel my belly expanding and start to cramp! I know I want the water out but first I have to put a diaper on! I run into the living room where Ive laid out my baby blanket. I quickly diaper myself with my asshole tightly clenched! Once I am securely diapered I push out my asshole and let all that warm dirty water burst out of my hole! I can feel the stinky water flooding my diaper! My asshole is farting out the water! The sounds are awful! My asshole is being so loud! Every time a bust of water come out my asshole makes the grossest farting noise! But it feels so good to get all that water out! I take my diaper off to see whats inside. The diaper is full of my warm enema water but its mostly clean. There are a few flecks of brown but for the most part the water came out of my ass nice and clear, not brown at all. Hmmm… I guess I will just have to give myself another enema! Enjoy! Download Diapered Enema! Round 1 movie

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