Sitty lotion all over

I just finish working out and i m so sweaty and horny, so i decide to massage my body with the best lotion ever, my own shit, so i just want to some relaxing time. I take my clothes off and i get in doggy shitting in front of the webcam, mmm my shitt is so creamy today, i start smearing the shitt all over my face, and all over my body, ohh god my shit is smelling so good, i love it, i start fucking my ass and its getting more and more shitty, ohhh more lotion for me, i smear it all on my body i dont leave any shit on the floor, all is on my body, im all full of shit, i cum so bad, my clit is so hard, in the end i ask u to cum all over my shitty face, ohh yes this is the best lotion ever for sure. Enjoy! Download Sitty lotion all over movie

Lady Alysha-Black Lady

Black Lady means to be a more cruel bitch then Lady Alysha. Both Ladys wants to find out wich one is more cruel. First they use santa claus as a slave by pissing in his mouth then they starts to slap each other faces, spit on each other… wach it and decide who is the more dirty bitch…. Download Lady Alysha-Black Lady movie

Milk Enema

I had so much fun cleaning out my ass with water that I decide to have a little more enema fun! I fill up my enema bag with milk! I talk dirty to you and tell you how nasty my ass is and how Ive got to clean it up! I insert the tube in my ass and fill my colon up with nice cold milk! Oh wow! It is so cold! My belly starts cramping immediately! But I love it! I know that that milk is cleaning my ass out! I know its going to look and feel amazing as it comes squirting out of me! I cant stand the cramps and the cold for too long. I pull the tube out and all this beautiful white milk comes bursting out of my ass! Oh! I feel much better! But I think I need one more belly full of milk! I fill my ass up one more time. Just so I can feel the amazing relief as my ass empties and all the dirty milk splashes all over my tub and streams down my legs! Download Milk Enema movie

Slave learns lesson the HARD way!

A fresh slave is caught eating his mistresses chocolate bar and she is not happy! She put him into his collar and ties him to her fridge while she demonstrates the way he is expected to treat her in future by another of her well trained slaves. After she has finished demonstrating foot worship, she orders her naughty slave to sit below her squatting area with his head in a tray to avoid any mess and wastage. She smothers him under her ass before shitting over his face. she wears rubber gloves to pick up bite sized pieces of her golden shit and feeds it into her slaves mouth. He is learning his lesson the hard way and he WILL become a well behaved and well trained slave! ***Special discount Download Slave learns lesson the HARD way! movie

Pantypoop and piss-crass ennoble

I ennoble my blue Panty with my poop,too much poop….first i piss my panty full,ah so warm Pissbeam!! Then,i sit on the bathtub ledge and turn the ass against the side,then comes the soft poop… panty is full from my shit…..i will stick to the panty,and show you my crass smeared ass!! Come,want you lick my ass clean? Download Pantypoop and piss-crass ennoble movie

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