Sneaky shitting in public!

She was walking down the street when her stomach started to feel queasy. She couldnt hold it any longer, she has to take a fucking dump, right here, right now! She doesnt care if anyone sees her or not. So she simply walks to the corner, hikes up her skirt, and squirts liquid shit on the floor! She wipes her ass off with tissue, hikes down her skirt, and walks away as if nothing happened. Download Sneaky shitting in public! movie


The opera singer stands in front of my door and he likes to eat my shit. Well lets see, first I check his vocal qualities. But rather average. Perhaps his voice is better when I pee and shit in his mouth. First of all I spit in his mouth so that my new toilet slave knows that iam the boss here. Then he get my shit directly in his mouth. He has to chew and swallow all the crap. Download Casting movie

248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella

Today I eat a very tastefull LASAGNA, that means pasta with meat and tomatoes and parmsan and aroma from mediterranean isalnd… koocking in the oven…..very tastefull!!!!! Unvelivebale! I made this lasagna and I eat all…. and… the day after a NEW slave can eat my poo. Beautifull experience, for him and for me. A very good slavr at his first experience, coming from north europe, may be norvegian, i do not remenber, for me it is only a wc slave! But working very good! The video is in italian language because he do not understand nothing, so i speak italian but… you can understand all! MP4 mobile and pc version very FAST download. Download 248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella movie

Voyeur Farts

I am reading in my living room when I start to let out some really stinky farts! They are loud and so smelly! My belly is aching and it feels like Im going to have to visit that bathroom soon! The farts just keep coming! I do my best to focus on my book and not on the loud stench coming from my asshole! Soon the rumbling in my belly turns into the immediate need to poop! And I run to the bathroom as fast as I can! Enjoy! Download Voyeur Farts movie

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