Lady Sandy – The Slave Introduction

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Scat For Sale

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Horrible boss blackmailed and punished by employees

In this office youll see the female boss being horrible and yelling at one of her employees when things suddenly turned against her as all her male employees are ganging up on her. One employee has a photo of her with a man in a sexual act, scared she will be posted all over internet she begged them to delete it. The boys are not going to let her get away with her awful supervision anymore, she will not be yelling at them. They told her to get on the desk and take her clothes off, she did as she was told while the guys laugh and mock her. She is then ordered to fart and shit on the desk. What she didnt know is she is again being filmed by one of her employee. So in future they have more evidence against her. ***Special discount Download Horrible boss blackmailed and punished by employees movie

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