Big pile of shit from Diana!

Lady Diana loves using her slave as a toilet. She likes to humiliate her slave and to goof on him. Diana ate a lot yesterday, so a huge dinner of tasty shit is prepared for the slave. The slave is laying down and Diana shits on his face. A huge amount of shit for the slave. She smears it over his face. After that she sits upon his face to make him splutter with shit. The slave suffocates with a beautiful ass of the Mistress. Download Big pile of shit from Diana! movie

Bathtime for handcuffed slave

It is bathtime for this slave, but as you would expect it is no ordinary bath and certainly no ordinary shower. Once in the bath, his mistress and ruler gives him a nice golden shower which he enjoys and licks at her as a well trained slave would do. Then she starts squatting over him to push out a stringy and sticky load of her sweet scat from her pulsating asshole. After she has finished delivery of her load, she smears the shit all over the slaves face and body because he wasnt grateful enough to swallow all of her valuable excrement! Download Bathtime for handcuffed slave movie


Our human toilet is having another visit today, how lucky can he be.. He gets to eat shit all day and be an ass cleaner at the same time! Here comes another beautiful lady to release her shit into the mouth of the human toilet. After filling his mouth, she gets cleaned and pleasured by the tongue of a human bidet! Download EATING SHIT ALL DAY! movie

Mistress Roberta – Big breakfast for my personal slave

My personal slave was very impatient to eat this morning so i remove my panties and sit on my toilet sit over his face peeing and shit a very big load of shit in his mouth that filled all his face so being overwhelmed by the quantity he looses alot of it but i give him some more and some more , after finishing i get the paper to whipe my ass and after gather all the shit of his face in the mouth. Download Mistress Roberta – Big breakfast for my personal slave movie


My Mistress ask me today to get a double dildo, a long one, to make me a surprise. She dressed in a black catsuit, and her pussy and ass were worshipped by slave mouth. After Godess fll a hungry mouth with a big stream of pissing, slave was obliged to put his new pink lips and wait patiently, Godess shitting a lot into slave mouth and at the end, take the double dildo and shove it deeper in slave ass !! Download DOUBLE DILDO WITH GODESS SHIT IN SLAVE ASS movie

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