Veronica Moser Obsession P1

Lady Angie believes that I will fetch a slave whom she doesn?t know jet. While she has to close her eyes , instead of getting a slave out of my dungeon I am giving Veronica Moser instructions to spoil Lady Angie with her tongue. It is a perfect surprise. Lady Angie opens her eyes as the eager tongue is already in full action. Lady Angie recognises Veronica and lets it happen. I allow Veronica to give me the same treatment while I am resting on a couch. After having reached my climax I felt a pressure coming up. Actually I have been holding it up for this special occasion. But I would like to feel her warm tongue beforehand at the part of my body where my sausage will descend. Download Veronica Moser Obsession P1 movie

Cant hold it…shit gift!

I really cant hold it in any longer….SERIOUSLY the shit is already falling out of my asshole and look how pretty Im dressed! In a flirty green dress looking like a lady and what happens? I almost shit myself! Heres the thing I know how much you love my shit and want to taste it, eat it, smell it and play with it so Im gonna give it to you as a gift! Yup that;s right, you wanted it soooo bad. Watch me shit and package it up just for you. When it arrives you can do with it whatever your heart desires! Download Cant hold it…shit gift! movie

Chrystal Car 1

This Video is one of our earlier Movies, but was quiet successfull. Pretty Chrystal runs over her Slaves Hands tied up in the Ground and then routinely poops into him and feeds him the Rest. The Video Quality is not the best. Download Chrystal Car 1 movie


1st SCAT MIX COMPILATION This is the first compilation of scat and pee by Mistress Isabella, these are the best SCAT moments of 4 vintage videos, the full version is here on Yezz in my store, numbers 009, 026, 039, 045. May be you never see them and you can be happy to find only the scat and pee here all in one video during 29 minutes!!!!! MP4 fast download. LOW PRICE Download 1st SCAT MIX COMPILATION movie

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