CUSTOM REQUEST – A male slave is kneeling on the floor when you enter the room. He greets you by licking your black high-heel boots thoroughly. You make him turnaround and tightly tie his arms behind his back. After some face slaps you defecate onto a plate and hold the plate under the slaves nose to inhale the flavour of your caviar. With your gloved hand you take some of your caviar and put it into the mouth of the slave. Afterwards you duct tape his mouth and make him crawl before you and give him some corporal punishment. After some time you remove the duct tape and control if he has swallowed all the caviar. Then you make him kneel up again and continue to feed him the remaining caviar by shoving it into his mouth with your gloved hand. To make sure he eats it you press your hand over his mouth, till he chewed and swallowed everything. At the end you put him on leash and walk him like dog on all fours out of the room. Please spit at him and slap his face now and then and make fun of him and ridicule him during the feeding process… Download MISTRESS GAIA – WHIPPING SCAT TREAT – mobile version movie

Scatmeal for One P3

Lady Lisa whipped the soles of the slave and gives him a short trampling session. After that she tramples the cock of the slaves and the Rubber Doll sits down on his face. Shortly thereafter, the Rubber Doll and Lady Lisa are peeing into the mouth of the slave. He swallows everything. But that was not all, now the slave is again trampled and kicked with heels. Lady Lisa takes the cane and spanking the slaves butt before she is shitting in his wide open mouth. Download Scatmeal for One P3 movie

Shitting In Your Face!

With my new GoPro camera I can shit right on the lens without any worry that I?ll ruin my camera! That means you get some of the hottest views ever! My asshole looks amazing as it opens up right above you and load after load of hot, fresh shit just pours out of my dark, little hole! This is my latest EFRO video with SIX loads of poop all for you! Enjoy! Download Shitting In Your Face! movie

The fooled teacher

Miss Jane needs a private lesson. She tells the teacher about the issue in the previous lesson. He does not believe in the the effect, so Miss Janes shows it to him. She uses his mouth as a toilet, so he eats a huge load of shit and spittle. Now the teacher should be convinced! Miss Jane feels well and had a lot of fun! Download The fooled teacher movie

Uncontainable creamy shit

—-?SUBTITLED AND SIMULTANEOUS ANGLES!—- Oh my god! I was quietly in home, just I arrived and a began to feel a terrible stomach ache! By luck, my slave was on the floor, such usually, and I take advantage for take a very big and nasty creamy shit all over his face! hahaha! Then, relieved, I smoke a cigarrete contemplating my work of art. What a filthy pig, he was getting a lot of fun with al my shit in his ugly face. He cant avoid the temptation and started eat for himself the semi-diarrhea I gifted him. But it would be too easy, I smother him with the plastic paper, suffocating him and pushing down his head in all the stink crap while I spit him too. Enjoy it! Download Uncontainable creamy shit movie


My female slave has given me a whip, a cat with nine tails, this whip is very special, as well as being esthetically pleasing because of red roses, in the nine tails there are metal studs, obviously Ill test it on her for the first time, she will suffer so much, in the true sense of the therm, fully suspended from the ground without any support, she will feel so much pain in her back, and in the end I will reward her with my shit and my mood completely on her face 🙂 Download MISTRESS GAIA – SUSPENDED SHIT – mobile version movie

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