Whenever Godess is ready to fill a slave mouth with Diarheea she have a human toilet for that at her place, under her ass !! This kind of life become everyday ritual for Godess because she will not going anymore into the casual toilet to relieve !!! And more thananything in the world, Godess is so hungry to do more kinks…..stay with us for more Download HUGE DIARHEEA IN OPEN WIDE MOUTH movie

The glutton

That is, how a slave has to work! Before this movie he got some snot, spittle, pee and a huge load of dirt from the street to eat for videos on the ?dangerous-girls?, but now finally in this clip he is allowed to swallow a big portion of scat. Is he well after that? Haha? That is not important for me, as long as he swallows all as I command. For my fun he gets some beats and kicks also. 😉 Download The glutton movie

187.4 Mistress Isabella NEW 2014 SCAT

187.4 This is the top scat of my pre- 50birthdays. It is not simpy for me to describe in english-US what i feel. Im Italian, you know. I borned in 1964, just half century ago. I think I been one of the first Mistress in Italy, i decide that my life must to be Femdom. I have a very good look, i know, im just nature make me, i can not understand chirurgical help, i hate this. Let the time do his job. This is my philosophy, may be i can not write english-US so good but i hope you understand me. Pure Femdom. To be 50 years old is a Pit Stop for every one, i hope you can have this, may be you have this pit stop since 30 years, so, i love you!!!!! Have a nice days forever! In this clip my favourite slave sissy Carlotta eat also a lot. She is so far from me, but she arrive to me every year. I love her. Download 187.4 Mistress Isabella NEW 2014 SCAT movie

Earth Closet Scat

After Mistress Michelle has been peeing directly into the mouth of the toilet slave, now comes the turd. But first spits Mistress Michelle the slaves in his mouth. Then poops Mistress Michelle and tries to meet directly into the mouth of the slave. There is definitely a turd for the slave. Thereafter, the slave has the honor to work as a human toilet paper. Attention! The first part with facesitting you will find here: Download Earth Closet Scat movie

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