Mistress Roberta – Coktail and small breakfast

This morning i will give you a special treat my toilet slave i will pee a bit in the jar , i will do a small breakfast for you and because the pee and the shit was not that much i have prepared a coktail in the jar the pee mixed with ass water and parts of shit perfect for you to drink and take all the supliments you missed from the small breakfast you have today. Download Mistress Roberta – Coktail and small breakfast movie

Facesat and Sharted on after Chipotle

My slave of all places knowing what it does to me, decided to get chipotle to eat after I told him anywhere but there. Now hell pay for it by smelling his mistake up close and personal. Awh are they a little wet? What did you expect to happen? Here Ill even let you taste your mistake, I dont want these dirty panties touching the floor once I take them off, so open your mouth for me Hun, hope it was worth it. (Contains rear and full side view, this is very mild and the sharts do not get very dirty, mildly visible) Download Facesat and Sharted on after Chipotle movie

Naughty Breast Milk Pumping Fun

I love my breast milk pump! I pump all the time! I want to have huge tits overflowing with milk! When I pump I get so turned on! The way the suction pulls at my nipples just drives me wild! I start by just pumping but then I pull out some rope! I wonder how it would feel to pump my tied up boobies! I tie my tits up nice and tight! They look so hot when they are tied up so tight! I put the pump back on my big boobs and turn up the suction! Oh my gosh! It is driving me wild! My cunt is leaking Im so horny! Luckily I have my hitatchi handy! I put the vibrator to my clit and the pumps back on my nipples! Oh man! I am so close to cumming! The suction and the vibrations feel so amazing! I cant it hold off any longer! I explode into orgasm! A huge massive orgasm that leaves me weak and tingly! I think you are going to like this one! Download Naughty Breast Milk Pumping Fun movie

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