Five pees in my bathtub with the last pee in a glass

I always have a big urge to pee in the morning. Sometimes its difficult to hold my pee before I get to the bathroom I started pissing in my bathtub cause I can piss in many positions. Morning pee is my favorte because the flow of pee is strong and steady and it feels so good to empty my full bladder.Third piss is with my hand on my crotch. The pee splashes everywhere and is running down my legs. Im surprised I like the sensation of the hot liquid on my legs. When Im done peeing I spread the pee on my legs even more. For the last pee I grab a water glass. I thought the size would be enough but I cant stop peeing and it overflows the glass. Then I pour the pee in the tub and you can ear it going down the drain. Download Five pees in my bathtub with the last pee in a glass movie

From white tights to BROWN – Pushing his limits!!

Just plain farting on my slaves face was getting old, I feel like hes getting used to it. Its time to test his limits;) I hold it in for two days, building up the nastiest surprise for him. Loading up on gassy foods before squeezing into some thin white tights and blowing the absolute foulest airy farts right into his nose!!! God that must smell terrible. The smell is even making me gag. Whats Worse is the right fabric of these leggings does an excellent job of holding in all that extra fart and make it linger for what seems like eternity… Every breath he takes will be straight from my gas filled leggings with his nose right up against my butthole.. But I cant hold it in any longer… lets see if he can breathe through my leggings when their full of my sht!!.. Time for your new test baby. Maybe if you can handle this Ill promote you to full toilet duty.. actually that doesnt matter to me.. Youll be spreading that mouth open for me before you know it honey ;).. ——WARNING– Clip contains toilet humiliation and “filthy” legging smother, view at your own discretion. The clip does continue for about another 5 minutes when I decide to pull down my tights and give him a full on smother in my filth. Grinding it into his face, filling his mouth and nose to the point of it coming out in the back of his throat!! But that has been cut out due to personal reasons. Details to obtain the final ending the clip are found within the video. Download From white tights to BROWN – Pushing his limits!! movie

Pantyhose, strapon fucking with my bisexual toilets

Today Mistress feeling so kinky and call both toilets to come into her dungeon. She will tease them and make them hard just with her legs in hose. She dressed in a black pantyhose and spiked boots and order them to lick her shoes and clean them. After a few minutes of show and legs worshipping, she gagging them with her barefeet. she also use them as ashtray meanwhile they massage her feet.She prepare them for a good session of toilet slavery, pushing her pee from a bowl into their hungry mouths and foot gagging them at the end. Godess also train one of her slaves to suck her huge strapon and fuck his ass. Meanwhile the other slave filming how she humiliate the other. Then both toilet slaves are ready to worship their Godess and obey her orders. Mistress wanna see them each other sucking and she fuck one slave asshole with her huge strapon while other slave is sucked, At the end she stroke slave cock until he is cumming and exhausting by other slave mouth on his cock. Nice action in a threesome ! Download Pantyhose, strapon fucking with my bisexual toilets movie

Explosion of Wet Farting Diarrhea!

I am about to have a huge blast disgusting wet shit explode out of my ass! Its so loud and powerful and turns me on so much! The sight of the shit pouring out of my ass! A waterfall of shit bursting out of my pretty little asshole! And the loud disgusting farting noise! Its the hottest feeling in the world! I take laxatives sometimes so I can experience that wonderful desperate feeling! I love being completely helpless. I am going to shit and I have no way of preventing it! Its going to be a loud, disgusting wet explosion! And its going to make me feel so good when it comes out! Watch as I talk dirty to you, explaining how much I love my wet diarrhea shit. Then I turn around and fart out this jet of shit! It keeps coming and coming! So much runny, diarrhea bursts out of my hole! It pools between my legs, a lake of shit. Its beautiful, but it stinks! Look at this amazing pile of wet splattered poop! Mmm! its so hot! Enjoy! Download Explosion of Wet Farting Diarrhea! movie

Bring a Tribute, then I reward you with scat

After a private session it knocks on the door. A naked slave crawled into the studio and brougt me a tribute. Because he brought it some days too late, he additionally brought me some muffins as compensation. I smashed all the Muffins down to the ground and crushed them with my naked feet, then he was allowed to lick the mud off my feet. After he finished this cleaning I shit a nice load into his mouth and push it in with my heel. I allowed him to drink some of me pee afterwards. I think this slave will not be late next time… Download Bring a Tribute, then I reward you with scat movie

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