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Bit off more than he could chew 1080p HD

We had the toilet go out and find random ladies that would use him this morning. After 6 rejections he found a willing ebony woman with a huge butt who just finished her breakfast and coffee at a local diner and who had to shit. She took him back to her place and delivered more than he could eat. Talk about a big breakfast for the toilet. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really pile up in his mouth. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Bit off more than he could chew 1080p HD movie


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Bored at the office turn into messy POOP and lesbian encounter! Non HD Part 1 movie

PART 1 MOVIE – These girls are bored and frustrated at the office, they ended up turning their boredom at their female manager in which the first female followed the manager in the ladies toilet and film her having a shit!!! She is definitely picking at her poor manager. When they both returned its break time so no one else is at the office. Both office mates ganged up on their manager, they first turn on the camera and film what they were doing to her. The poor manager is protesting, struggling and begging them to stop tormenting her.. They tied her up and rip her clothes off and started licking her pussy! The more she struggles and protest the more it turns the girls on!!! In between licking her and tormenting her they both then take turns to squat on managers belly and take a dump like shes a toilet bowl!!! And the torments continues.. Download Bored at the office turn into messy POOP and lesbian encounter! Non HD Part 1 movie movie

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