128.3 After eating my shit

128.3 May be you think that the slave can relax after eating my shit but not ever is possible…. i want a feet massage with the tongue and i have a lot of orders for my slave…. other 30 minutes and it is 1 hour and an half this video is beginned. My english is not very well but i think you can understand me. And it is not finish, i prepare my slave for a penetration. It is EXHAUSTING for my slave. MP4 Download 128.3 After eating my shit movie


Locked in his cage with his head trapped outside and unable to move. I am going to make my slave suffer. He is going to worship my feet and make sure he cleans them. I tell him he better make a good job of sucking or hes going to remain in his cage for a long time. I begin by letting him smell my beautiful sandles and tell him to enjoy their aroma from my feet. He then gets to smell my feet as I stroke his face with my soles and toes. As he looks up at me, I order him to open his mouth and I shove my foot into it. He tries to move his head to stop me from pushing my foot further into his mouth. Its amusing to see he cant do anything, as I give him a good footgagging. I continue using both feet, one after the other. I so enjoy watching him suffer as he chokes and gargles for air as I give him some more deep throat foot gagging. Hes getting so breathless with each thrust to the back of his throat. I have decided to let him rest. Of course hell remain in his cage as punishment, for not properly cleaning my feet. When I return, my slut is going to understand what it means to serve under the feet of Mistress Gaia… Download MISTRESS GAIA – TRAPPED and CHOKED IN HIS CAGE – HD version movie

MISTRESS GAIAs NOISES – mobile version

Be the human toilet you are! You were born to be a toilet, my personal toilet! Listen to all noises coming from my body: you must do this only for my own pleasure, not for your one. Listen to them very carefully! Hear how my hot shit comes out of my ass and ends down in the wc… hear the noise of my golden rain … and smell deeply the divine scent that your Goddess provides you! Download MISTRESS GAIAs NOISES – mobile version movie

184.1 Hard TICKLING, whipping, submission, Nipple torture, GOGNA

184.1 Hallo, this is a SUPERB clip during 20 min of tickling, nipples torture, submission, all that into a GOGNA (translate by yourself). During a 24 / 7 by me in Sardinia, this video is all in Italian but, really, you do not need to understand italian to see it and enjoy yourself a LOT! TOP slave!!!! Download 184.1 Hard TICKLING, whipping, submission, Nipple torture, GOGNA movie

Pooping my favorite jeans

Watch me how i poop my favorit pair of jeans, after i shit in them i stand up, having the shit in my jeans is so awsome, i wanna squash the shit and make my ass all dirty:D mmm i missed it so much, u wanna see my dirty ass now? u wanna hear what i ate the last time, and what influence the color of my shit? ohh yes i will tell u, now watch my dirty ass and shut up, just watch! Enjoy! Download Pooping my favorite jeans movie

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