Smoking and Shitting

I cant help but be a dirty nasty little slut. I get off on the most disgusting, dirty things. Because that is what makes me happy. Watch me light up a cigarette and sit on the edge of my tub smoking. I inhale the smoke and blow it out into the camera. My pretty mouth looks so good around the cigarette. I have to shit though! Do you want to see me shit out a HUGE load of nice sloppy shit while I smoke for you? I feel so much better after all of that shit is out of me! But I?m still so turned on by smoking and the smell of the shit. I can fell how dirty my ass is. I reach back and rub the butt of the cigarette on my shit stained asshole. Mmm! It?s really dirty now! Do you want to see the shit on the cigarette? I wouldn?t dare put that nasty shit smeared smoke in my mouth would I? Check this video out! And enjoy the dirty fun and the sexy orgasm I have in the end! Download Smoking and Shitting movie

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