First time Pooping for Boyfriend and getting turned on

Honey, Im very shy and embarassed but there is something I want to tell you. Maybe you are gonna think this is weird but I feel the urge of beeing watched while pooping. I feel turned on when I imagine you looking at me while I poop. Do you think it is abnormal? Would you like to watch me? Ill take off my clothes and poop for you. Ive been holding myself for so long, I really have to poop! Im shy but I know its going to be fun! In the next scene I am in squatting position over a plate and poop for you. It feels so good to get this poop oput of my system, its almost like an orgasm. Do you feel turned on? I want to show you my tight asshole from a closer angle. In the last scene I am laying on my back with my legs spread. My poop is right next to me. I start using a vibrator on my clit and then switch to using my fingers. I feel better now that you saw me pooping. I dont have to be ashamed, we have no secret from each other. I want you to go ahead and pleasure yourself. From now on Im going to hold my poop for you so you can watch me. I want you to discover all the shapes and textures. I love knowing that you like seing everything that comes out of my body. Would you also love to lick my asshole clean? I cant wait until next time! But for now I want you to blow you load for me! Download First time Pooping for Boyfriend and getting turned on movie

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