Enema Splash!

Ive got a dirty, nasty surprise for you! This video starts with some fun, messy, enema fun but just wait until the end! You will be shocked by just how nasty I can be! I start with a full enema bag of water! I cant wait to insert it into my ass! I love the way my belly gets so big and full when its full of water! I makes me look like I am pregnant! I love feeling it and rubbing my full stretched out belly! Oh my ass is so full of water! I cant hold it in any longer! Its time for all of that disgusting poopy water to come bursting out of my hole! I get a bowl to collect the water and poop and I just let go! Woah! That dark brown water flies out of my shitter! Oh man! There is so much! It feels so good! I get a nice big bowl full of poop and brown water but I want to really clean out my hole! So I fill it up again! This time I give you a nice view! You can see all of the water just burst out of my hole! It looks like a waterfall! Its so sexy! Now that my hole is cleaned out and I have a big stinking bowl of dirty enema water, I get to be the nasty scat girl I love to be! I take the bowl full of dirty water and lift it over my head… And then pour it out all over my head, in my hair, my face, and all over my body! That nasty dirty water gets everywhere! It smells so gross! I love it! I giggle and wiggle and smile because I love being a dirty sexy scat girl! Enjoy! Download Enema Splash! movie

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