2015-is this a Shit year

This is a KV clip from the Year 2015-8 from the best Shit Clip from this hot Year…..too much big sausages,very big portions of Shit and soft sausages with smeary asshole!! Slave,can you eat this very very big shittings? I think its too big,or not? Make your Mistress Candy happy!! Download 2015-is this a Shit year movie

Sexy Sensual Shitting and Smearing

I?ve got an amazing video fro you today! You really don?t want to miss this one! Shitting, body smearing, face smearing, and tons of sexy, sensual dirty talk! All filmed with my GoPro camera! What more could you ask for in a smearing video? I start by pushing out a HUGE perfectly smearable load! I admire my shit and show you how perfectly beautiful it is! I take my shit in both of my hands and smear it all over my big, juicy tits! My sexy, natural tits look their best when they are covered in a moist load of shit! But I don?t stop there! I smear my arms and legs and belly with my shit too! Then I stand up and really coat my ass in a thick layer of poop! I can?t forget my face either! I look right into the camera and talk dirty to you as I smear my sexy, smelly shit all over my face! You want to come join me in my sexy fun don?t you!? We can smear ourselves in our shit for hours! Just you and me being filthy, happy, horny, scat lovers! Enjoy! Download Sexy Sensual Shitting and Smearing movie

The Human Toilet Eats Up My Disgusting Shit! – Full Movie

I had to go to the loo real bad; my shit is about to come out and I have to upload it real fast. When I got there, I was just in time; the human toilet was already waiting, his eager mouth open for my disgusting load. I sat above the hole and pushed out clumps of sticky smelly shit, which promptly fell down his mouth. I watch in glee as he chews enthusiatically on my feces. What a disgusting sight! Download The Human Toilet Eats Up My Disgusting Shit! – Full Movie movie

Domestic slave pelted with scat!

A domestic slave is positioned under the scat chair by his mistress. He is ready and waiting to receive her golden nectar. He knows that once his mistress starts shitting, there is normally lots of it and so he uses his hands as if he is going to shout very loud but instead he uses them as a funnel to direct the scat into his open mouth. He feeds and feeds until the sweet shit is forming a mountain over his face! Download Domestic slave pelted with scat! movie

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