Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging

Ive just covered my ENTIRE head in 10 loads of shit! But Ive got another load in my ass! Its time to shit out a nice big fresh load of poop! I stand up and shove my ass into the camera and grunt and push those sexy, stinky, fresh turds out! They fall to the floor of the tub with a splat! I look back at you with my head covered in shit and smile! Im very hungry, I think its time for breakfast! Good thing I have some nice warm poop to eat! I pick up a turd and take a big bite out of it! I start to chew but immediately gag! Mmm! It makes my pussy gush! I get so horny when I taste my shit! Even though I gag so hard and puke a little I keep on chewing that shit! I bite off pieces until Ive chewed up the entire load! I keep puking it up but I dont care! I think its hot! Download Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging movie

Poop Accident In My Car!

You dont see any smearing or playing with my poo in this one. Only a sexy poo accident while driving in my car. Oh no! I had an accident while driving home today! I knew I had to shit bad but I thought that I could make it home in time! I kept farting, but then I felt a turd pop out of my ass! I knew it was too late and my asshole just let loose and all this shit came gushing out of my ass and into my pretty red panties! Right there in my car seat as I was driving home! I pulled over and got out so I could see the damage. My panties were ruined! There was shit all up my ass crack! I had no choice but to pull my panties up and drive home. On the way home I got so horny and turned on! I couldnt help it! I was sitting in my own shit after I accidentally pooped in my car! I started rubbing my pussy and I even found a bottle of hand sanitizer to fuck myself with while I drove the rest of the way home! I got shit all over my hand but I made it home! Download Poop Accident In My Car! movie

The Panty Pooping Collection!

I love shitting in sexy and cute panties! It feels so amazing to ruin pair after pair of panties with my big, nasty shits! I have made a great collection video of all my favorite panty shitting videos! If you love to watch as cute girls fill their sexy panties with monster loads of stinky shit, then this is the video for you! Enjoy! Download The Panty Pooping Collection! movie

Naughty maid piss and scat domination!

This naughty maid humiliates her slave by trampling him and then pissing all over his pathetic face. He is ordered to clean and lick his mistresses beautiful pussy clean and as a way of thanks she squats over him and delivers balls of fresh shit into his mouth! Because there is too much shit, she uses her feet to smudge and smear the shit across his face humiliating him further. ***Special discount Download Naughty maid piss and scat domination! movie

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