See My Diaper Poo!

Im a dirty, stinky baby! I love to make huge stinky messes in my diaper! It feels so good to feel my poo squishing all around in my diaper! I love when it goes up my bum crack and squishes on my princess parts! I have to go really bad today! Want to watch me mess my diaper like a naughty stinky girl!? Oh I made a mess! I stink! My stuffie PigPig doesnt mind the smell though! PigPig likes the stink in my diaper! He also likes it when I rub my dirty diaper all over his face! Look! You can see the dark spot in my diaper where my poo is at! Im going to rub it all over my stuffies face! Im humping my stuffie! Oh it feels so good! My poo is everywhere! Oh! Im such a dirty baby girl! I love it! Enjoy! Download See My Diaper Poo! movie

The Beginner P2

Now its time to shit into the mouth from the beginner. His place is now under the toilet seat. This is the right place for a real toilet slave. His horniness is unmistakable and he opens his mouth wide. Mistress Michelle pushes and it swells a big turd of shit out and falls directly into the slaves mouth. He is overwhelmed, with this portion of shit he has not thought. Download The Beginner P2 movie

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