Stinky Feet

I just got my feet pampered and painted! I had a wonderful pedicure and I wanted to share my pretty feet with you! I take a huge dump in my tub and then I start to play with my poop with my pretty pink toes! I squish my shit in between my toes and smear my shit all over my feet! I step on my shit and rub it all around my tub. I make a huge mess covering my pretty pedicured feet in my stinky fresh shit! Download Stinky Feet movie

You almost ate my SCAT!!!

It was just an ordinary day at work when a customer enters and he orders his food but keep changing his mind! Before he arrived I already needed to go to the toilet and now I am even more desperate. He changes his order a few times and I can no longer hold my shit :(( So it all came out at once. The smell was horrid and my boss even smelt it from the kitchen!!! The annoying customer left because of the foul smell of my poop! I had to clean the floor where all my poop popped out of my silk panties, shit I just bought these too! Now its soaked with my stinky shit!!! If I ever keep my job and that customer comes back I will definitely mix my shit in his food and SERVE it with a smile. Download You almost ate my SCAT!!! movie

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