This one is dedicated to farting lovers. This time, loser, I let you smell my stinky farts, blowing them right in your face. Realistic and amazing video… Worship such a gorgeous goddess as me, while Im doing that kind of thing… EVERYTHING ABSOLUTELY REAL!!!!!!! Download MISTRESS GAIA FARTING movie

Scat Cats 07 Second Cam

This is the same clip ike Scat Cats 07, only from a different camera angle: The cats piss and shit in a cats toilet, then they feed the slave with all the cats shit! It is a lot, and he need to swollow all! At the end Kimmy-Cat shits the rest directly into his mouth! Download Scat Cats 07 Second Cam movie

Shitalanche Iphone/Ipod

Mistress Missy cant hold it anymore and gives the toilet an avalanche of soft messy shit that covers and runs down his face. Definitely one of the worst smelling dumps you could imagine. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Shitalanche Iphone/Ipod movie

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