Nasty Lesbians Get All Kinds of Disgusting in the Toilet! – Full Movie

They put the ass in nasty and they mean business! They are the most disgusting bitches in the block and dont you forget it! They are putting on a show in the toilet, doing the yuckiest shit youll ever see! After making out and drinking each others pee and god knows what other fluids, one of them takes a dump and they smear the foul shit all over their bodies! Download Nasty Lesbians Get All Kinds of Disgusting in the Toilet! – Full Movie movie

Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging

Ive just covered my ENTIRE head in 10 loads of shit! But Ive got another load in my ass! Its time to shit out a nice big fresh load of poop! I stand up and shove my ass into the camera and grunt and push those sexy, stinky, fresh turds out! They fall to the floor of the tub with a splat! I look back at you with my head covered in shit and smile! Im very hungry, I think its time for breakfast! Good thing I have some nice warm poop to eat! I pick up a turd and take a big bite out of it! I start to chew but immediately gag! Mmm! It makes my pussy gush! I get so horny when I taste my shit! Even though I gag so hard and puke a little I keep on chewing that shit! I bite off pieces until Ive chewed up the entire load! I keep puking it up but I dont care! I think its hot! Download Shit Head! Part 2: Shitting, Eating, and Gagging movie

Slave you are my KV Looser

Yes,the Looser i need only for eat my shit,hehehe……you Love my ass,my tits,my body make you so hot but you are a Looser!! Come and lying under my Toilettechair and open your mouth for the shit from your sexy Mistress Candy….ah,i press a sausage and shit Pralines in the Loosers mouth,i Love when you make what i want!! But i want a hot Slave….. Download Slave you are my KV Looser movie

Shit Clean up in Public!

After smearing myself with shit out in the woods I have to get cleaned up! There is only a small stream near the road where anyone could drive by at any time! I start cleaning myself off by splashing water all over myself. I am almost cleaned up when I hear a truck! I run naked in my heels to hide behind a tree! Oh my god! What would happen if they stopped and saw me out here all alone and naked!? Download Shit Clean up in Public! movie

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