Diapered Enema! Round 1

Its time to clean my dirty, stinky butthole! I fill my ass up with a huge bag of warm, clean water! The water pours into my ass so quickly! I can feel my belly expanding and start to cramp! I know I want the water out but first I have to put a diaper on! I run into the living room where Ive laid out my baby blanket. I quickly diaper myself with my asshole tightly clenched! Once I am securely diapered I push out my asshole and let all that warm dirty water burst out of my hole! I can feel the stinky water flooding my diaper! My asshole is farting out the water! The sounds are awful! My asshole is being so loud! Every time a bust of water come out my asshole makes the grossest farting noise! But it feels so good to get all that water out! I take my diaper off to see whats inside. The diaper is full of my warm enema water but its mostly clean. There are a few flecks of brown but for the most part the water came out of my ass nice and clear, not brown at all. Hmmm… I guess I will just have to give myself another enema! Enjoy! Download Diapered Enema! Round 1 movie

Almost suffocated by Diarrhea

AFTER A WEEK OF VACATION OF HER SLAVES, GODESS COMING BACK MORE KINKY AND MORE BIZARRE !! She feel so great and her slave is ready to submit to her. She obliged him to suck her toes, lick her high heels then sniff her pussy lips, her vagina and suck her clit hard !! after TEASING HIM, IT WAS TIME TO BECOME AGAIN HER PERSONAL TOILET MOUTH !! hUGE PISS DRINKING UNTIL OVERFLOWING FROM MOUTH AND HUGE DIARRHEA IN SLAVE EYES WERE PERFECT FOR GODESS ORGASM !! SLAVE MUST CUMMING SOON WITH HIS FACE FULL OF DIARRHEA AND CHEWING AND EATING GODESS SHIT !! Download Almost suffocated by Diarrhea movie

60 Loads! Dirtiest Panties Ever!

Last month I made a video with a pair of pretty white lacy panties. Instead of throwing them away I saved them with the load of poop I shit out into them. Theyve been in my freezer with the rest of my shit all month long! When I defrosted my poop I found them stuffed in a poop jar! I just threw them into my kiddie pool with my poop so I could play with them too! This is the dirtiest pair of panties Ive ever seen in my life! They are literally caked with shit! I pick them up and wring them out! A HUGE wad of shit falls off of them! Oh my! These are some nasty panties! But I love all nasty things! Especially shit caked panties! I put them on and dance around in them! Then I slowly and sensually strip them off! I sniff them and wear them on my head too! All while talking dirty to you and telling you all about how much I love these dirty panties! I put them on again and rub my shitty panty covered pussy! I wish you could come fuck me just like this! Id pull the panties to the side so you could fuck me while I wear them! How hot would that be!? Me, covered in 60 loads of shit, getting fucked while wearing the most disgusting panties in the world! Enjoy! Download 60 Loads! Dirtiest Panties Ever! movie

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