Scatmeal for One P3

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The fooled teacher

Miss Jane needs a private lesson. She tells the teacher about the issue in the previous lesson. He does not believe in the the effect, so Miss Janes shows it to him. She uses his mouth as a toilet, so he eats a huge load of shit and spittle. Now the teacher should be convinced! Miss Jane feels well and had a lot of fun! Download The fooled teacher movie

Stomach cramps diarrhea!

A wife is driving home from work with her husband when she gets really bad stomach cramps. She told her husband to drive instead so stop the car to exchange seats but as she was going back in the car her stomach cramps was REALLY BAD, all of a sudden she farted liquid shit and a big blob too on the side of her car on the road! Download Stomach cramps diarrhea! movie


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